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About the Report
When will the next Report be available?
The 2013/14 Report will be launched on 5 November 2013.
An early-bird discount of 20% is available for those orders received before December 2013. Click here to reserve your copy .

What is covered in the Benchmarking Summary Report?
This 22-page summary provides a preview of trends and findings from the full survey.


How do I participate in the survey?
The 2013/14 survey is now closed. Please subscribe for updates to be notified of future news and surveys.
What are the benefits for completing the survey? 
All participants completing the 2013/14 survey received:

  • a copy of the 2013/14 Report (valued at USD 1,500)
  • a copy of the 2012 Report, on completion of the survey (valued at USD 1,500)
  • access to the online Benchmark Comparison Portal, with recently enhanced access to over 350 performance metrics
  • access to the Benchmark Library area

How do I complete the benchmarking survey?
The online survey is accessed using the link that we provide.

Once you’ve completed and saved the first section of the survey, you’ll receive an email with a link to your specific survey, and a user ID and password – so you can go back to the survey at any time and complete it over a few days.

The email will be send to the address entered in the first section of the survey. Please check your junk/spam folder for this email, as it sometimes ends up there!

Can more than one person complete the same survey?
Yes. You can forward your specific survey link to specialists in your organisation for completion.  They’ll be able to access the various sections of the survey from the headings at the top of the first page of the survey window.

Purchase Report
How do I order a copy of the Report?
The 2013/14 GCCBR is available for purchase now. Please fill in your details on our online order form, or email cc.Benchmarking@dimensiondata.com for more information.
How much does the Report cost?
We’re pleased to confirm that we’ve held the price for the 2013/14 Report at USD 1,500.
You can make the payment in your own currency, if you prefer – we cater for ZAR, EUR, AUD, USD and GBP.

Certain members of industry associations will have access to special discounts.

Participants, of course, will receive a free copy of the report, and additional copies will be made available to participants at a reduced price.
What payment methods do you accept?
We are in the process of updating our payment processes, but at this time we can only receive your payment via electronic funds transfer (EFT).
Once I've placed my order, what happens next?
Once you've filled in the online order form, you’ll receive a confirmation of order and an invoice. The confirmation of order, issued upon payment, also provides necessary links to the Report and Benchmark Comparison Portal.
On receipt of payment, you’ll immediately receive a digital copy of the Report and a personal link to the online Benchmark Comparison Portal.
Where applicable, a printed copy of the Report is shipped via express courier and usually delivered within four working days.

Conditions and privacy
Who may participate in the survey?
Our only eligibility criterion is that you have 20 or more agents in your contact centre.
Conditions of participation:

  1. All information pertaining to the identity and information of your contact centre will remain anonymous. Absolutely no individual references to data that are likely to reveal any particular participant will be included in the report or shared with any persons, other than the dedicated Report production team.
  2. If, for some reason, you’re unable to submit certain information such as financial data, please continue to submit the remaining sections. We do make provision for the fact that not every contact centre will be able to fill in every section of the survey. 
  3. Once you register, you undertake to provide complete and accurate data to the best of your ability.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any applications to participate in the survey. 

Is my information protected?
Yes! All participant identities and responses are bound by the Dimension Data Privacy Policy.
Click here to read the Dimension Data Privacy Policy.
For more information, please email us: cc.Benchmarking@dimensiondata.com


Referencing our content
Copyright and rights in databases subsist in this work. Any unauthorised copying, reproduction or other dealing in this work, or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of the copyright owner is an act of copyright infringement. Copying of certain portions of this work, such as tables, graphs and certain extracts is permissible subject to the condition that (1) such portions do not constitute a substantial reproduction of the work (or a section) as a whole, and (2) the following notice accompanies all such portions: ‘Dimension Data’s 2013/14 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, © Dimension Data 2009–2013’. Any unauthorised copying, communicating to the public, reproduction or other dealings in this work, or any part thereof, renders the person responsible for such acts liable for civil law copyright infringement and, in certain circumstance, liable to criminal prosecution as well. All rights of the copyright owner are reserved.


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