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Every organisation has ambitions – better customer relationships, game changing products, global expansion, stock pumping profits – and cloud is a primary enabler for organisations with big ambitions. Watch what Dimension Data Cloud can do for you! 


​​Introducing Dimension Data Cloud Surround
Dimension Data Cloud Surround™ includes managed hosting, colocation and outsourcing, with advanced networking, storage and security services.
Discover Dimension Data Cloud Services - the preferred destination for enterprise applications and production workloads. 

  • ​​We are hands-on so you can be hands-free. With centres of excellence in networking, storage, and security, across six continents – we offer globally consistent service for multi-national organisations. 

  • Public or private? We don’t think y​ou should have to choose. Dimension Data is the cloud of choice. We offer both public shared resources and private cloud in your data centre or ours. Together these models provide hybrid cloud environments that address time-to-value expectations required by enterprise workloads and critical applications – with an OPEX consumption model at every price point. 

  • IT organisations are emerging as service brokers – leveraging cloud where they can and surrounding the cloud with other delivery models when required.  Dimension Data surrounds the cloud with service delivery options that simplify the management of core systems and custom enterprise applications. 


  • We’re Hands On So You Can Be Hands Free

    Cloud enables you to focus more resources on game changing innovation, profitability and growth


 The Dimension Data cloud is a flexible, secure, resilient, full-service infrastructure for production workloads and enterprise applications.

  • Save time and money managing custom in-house developed applications more efficiently: With Dimension Data as your cloud partner, IT becomes your SaaS provider bringing cloud benefits to the existing application estate.
  • Meet all the requirements of production applications and workloads: Dimension Data’s Cloud Surround™ addresses special considerations of production workloads and applications like networking, storage and security and other delivery models like colocation, managed hosting and outsourcing.
  • Fast-track time to value: Using the cloud as infrastructure for development, testing, QA and pre-production, IT saves valuable time and resources. IT can say yes to the business more often. Swing applications through software development stages, save configurations and optimise capacity.
  • Retain customers and drive deeper relationships: Companies are building new applications that will enable more frequent interaction with their customers. Dimension Data Cloud infrastructure enables our clients to develop and deliver more applications that will engage new customers and retain existing customers. Digital call centres, marketing analytics, mobile apps leverage new channels of communication 
  • Increase operational efficiency and improve IT productivity:
    • ​Global import and export for client server images – this saves time as customer does not need to recreate custom images.
    • Unlimited OS licensing including Redhat, Ubuntu, SLES, Microsoft and CentOS. Licensing costs are included in billing thus preventing the need for maintain separate licensing agreements.
    • Utilise Tiered storage to manage different types of data thereby reducing overall cost.
    • Asset based, usage data provides insight for better forecasting and cloud management.


What we offer

 What we offer

  • Private Cloud: You don’t have to build, converge and manage your own infrastructure to leverage the many benefits of private cloud. Dimension Data offers a dedicated, isolated infrastructure – on your premises or ours. Dimension Data MCP is the consistent platform in our d​​ata centres or yours. Enjoy the assurance of the private cloud with the flexibility and consumption models of the public cloud. ​​
  • Public Cloud: Built with the most demanding end users in mind, Dimension Data Public Cloud supports on-demand provisioning of compute, storage and networking. Manage as much or as little of the cloud as you choose and Dimension Data will do the rest with aggressive service level agreements.​  
  • Hybrid Cloud: Dimension Data provides public and private cloud combinations designed for different use cases.  
  • Business Continuity: We offer cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery and attach​ stringent service level guarantees to all commitments.​​​
  • Cloud Services for Microsoft (CSfM): Enjoy the flexibility of a fully-managed private or hybrid enterprise cloud service providing messaging, collaboration, PSTN voice, video and web conferencing through access to Microsoft communication and collaboration technologies – all on a pay-per-use basis.​​​​
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): With Dimension Data, ISVs control the cost of infrastructure so their clients focus on value. Removing infrastructure costs and implementation as a sales objection will improve time to value. Most important, using Dimension Data MCP for SaaS gives the ISV confidence in the availability and performance of a globally consistent cloud platform.
  • Consulting Services Suite: We know how to get from Step 1 to your vision in the Cloud. We offer a suite of on point consulting packages: Align, Grow, Optimise, Govern and Migrate. Leverage our experts to accelerate your ambitions. ​
  • Cloud Services for Cisco allows you to stay in control, and retain the value of your existing UC assets as you take the first steps into the cloud, and take advantage of the benefits that the cloud offers.​​​​


Latest thinking


What our clients say

 What our clients say

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​World’s first Cloud-enabled G20 Leaders’ Summit
    Dimension Data was awarded the contract to deliver and support the G20 network and desktop environment, known as G-Net. The overarching goal was for technology to be an enabler to the event: flawless connectivity and virtual desktop experience for media and delegates was fundamental to the event’s success.​

  • ​​​​​​​How we helped Fujifilm keep its customers’ special memories safe
    In a world of cell phones and social media, Fujifilm wanted to give its customers instant and easy access to their photographic memories and special moments, from anywhere and any device, with the least amount of risk.

Why work with Dimension Data?

 Why work with Dimension Data




  • As the world’s largest security integrator, we have a thorough understanding of global security and IT risk.  Dimension Data uses best of breed technologies and methodologies for object and file storage, networking and routing, switching, intrusion detection and prevention, WAN optimisation, monitoring, multi factor authentication, role based access and audit trails, data encryption, client to site VPN etc.
  • Dimension data delivers the right cloud for every type of workload and application – public, private and hybrid with consistent SLAs and consumption models 
  • State-of-the-art networking, virtualisation and storage technology provided by partners like Cisco, EMC, F5, Microsoft and VMware; Cisco Cloud Provider Certification with a Cisco Powered Cloud IaaS designation
  • OneCloud Service Provider Programme​ extends the reach of Dimension Data Cloud to many countries around the world through a premium network of partners; 
  • Global consistency and data sovereignty in over 100 countries
  • Optimised WAN between clouds, on-demand private networking between the enterprise data centre and the cloud, integration of on-premise cloud to enterprise network ​