Collaborative Workspace

​​​​With the rise of the mobile workforce, knowledge workers are choosing to work in new and different ways. They want to consume and create information from anywhere, using any device ... but they also want to feel part of a team.

New team workspaces – that people access from anywhere on any device - therefore extend from unified communications and enterprise social media, to business workflow applications, document management and file sharing tools accessed via the corporate intranet. It’s no longer acceptable for your employees to ‘make do’ with substandard, restrictive infrastructure and applications. Low levels of user adoption affect productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Your challenge is integration and enablement. Which approach do you take to bring together all the communication and collaboration tools your employees need to perform at their best ... and offer it to them in an efficient way, wherever and whenever they choose to work?

In order to help you accommodate the new world of work by creating a well-integrated collaborative workspace – that supports a mobile work style - , our approach covers these areas:

  • People: through unified communications and collaboration​ and enterprise social media, you can introduce new ways of enabling a more interactive work style among colleagues. A work style that makes it simpler for everyone to weave rich communication mediums like voice and video into traditional ones like email.
  • Process: using workflow tools, such as Microsoft® SharePoint, you ensure smooth and effective work processes to streamline collaboration.
  • Information: using enterprise content management, and file storage and sharing tools, your employees have a central place for creating and sharing knowledge. These tools extend to the cloud and allow sharing with business partners and clients.

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