Software-defined networking

​Like most organisations, you’re searching for more cost-effective and agile ways to ensure your business keeps up with the rapid developments in ICT. At the core of this is your network. The advent of software-defined networking (SDN) – an innovative new approach to network architecture – promises to be the important shift that will drive significant changes in how your network can be built and operated ... and, ultimately, in the entire networking industry.

Much confusion still surrounds SDN. How are you to understand this new technology and the benefits it may hold for your business?

If SDN is still a poorly understood term, it’s often because the implications for the corporate network can’t be articulated without a thorough grasp of the technology. 

SDN makes networks more intelligent, programmable, and automated. This is brought about by changes at the networking device level. 

With SDN, the intelligent, programmable part of each device – the software that determines how the device controls and directs data – is split from the packet-forwarding engine, and centralised. SDN therefore uses ‘dumbed-down’ networking devices that are configured by a central, software-based controller. Hence the term ‘software-defined’: the network is no longer configured by manually adjusting individual devices, but controlled by software.

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