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Dimension Data and Ovum conducted primary research to understand the trends and strategies associated with unified communications and collaboration (UCC). The results suggest that 78% of organisations have a strategic plan to adopt UCC.

Enterprise mobility and trends like bring your own device (BYOD) aren’t just hot topics of conversation. According to the over 1,600 IT and security professionals we surveyed, mobility is a top priority for most IT departments.

Ultimately, you’re responsible for a network that must be available and working at maximum capacity to keep the business operating at its best. Yet, you also need to lead its evolution with an eye on the future. It’s no wonder you’re feeling a little anxious!

It’s very common to hear horror stories about people who have travelled overseas and been hit with a huge wireless bill. This is primarily due to data usage. Most users aren’t aware that they’re consuming international data, while others simply rely on their carriers to inform them of their options.

Practical considerations for integrating on-premise and cloud environments to deliver the right outcomes for your business

The data centre market is entering a period of unprecedented transition. With this shift comes a number of significant – and perhaps surprising – changes. Smaller, enterprise-owned data centres are shrinking in size. At the other end of the scale, mega-facilities continue to grow.

Most people working in IT today have heard of software-defined networking as the next step in the evolution of networks. The term appears in industry news publications, thought leadership articles, and IT-related websites and blogs all over the world.

Cloud computing continues to raise questions about the future of the data centre. Businesses are reassessing the number of data centres they have, and where they’re located. Many are questioning whether they still need data centres at all. Read on to explore how careful planning can help establish a powerful union between your data centre and the cloud.

Competition in the ICT market is fierce, and getting more so by the day. Product ranges are becoming more diversified, refined and competitive, offering end users a far greater choice. While this is beneficial for client organisations, it means margins on technology sales are at an all-time low.

The ICT marketplace is abuzz with talk of a number of disruptive forces set to come into play in the year ahead. Dimension Data’s CTO, Ettienne Reinecke, shares some practical insights on how these trends are playing out in the business context... and explains how Dimension Data is helping organisations to put these forces to work to drive profitability and competitive advantage.