You have ambitions: to grow, accelerate, transform and innovate – and protect your business.

We give you everything you need to achieve your ambitions – faster, by putting hybrid cloud at your core.

Every kind of cloud – enabled by data centres, networking, collaboration, and security, enhanced with consulting and professional services, and sustained with support services and managed services.

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  • Respond smarter and faster with hybrid cloud.

    Find out how we’re helping some of our clients accelerate their ambitions by putting hybrid cloud at the core.


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Agile innovation
We helped Fujifilm make memories last for ever with a cloud-based picture platform for the digital age. Cloud enabled Fujifilm to scale up or down quickly to innovate with agility.


Wir haben eines der weltweit größten Gastronomieunternehmen dabei unterstützt, seine Gäste durch einen Cloud-basierten Kundenservice an sich zu binden. Mit der Cloud kann unser Kunde auch Spitzenzeiten problemlos bewältigen.



Wir halfen A.S.O., die Radrenndaten der Tour de France über eine Cloud-Analyseplattform in ein spannendes Erlebnis für die Zuschauer zu verwandeln. Dank der Cloud kann A.S.O. während des Rennens schnell und in Echtzeit reagieren, um das Erlebnis für alle Fans zu optimieren.


Ein privates Wildreservat bewahrt mit unserer Hilfe und einer innovativen Cloud-basierten vernetzten Tierschutzlösung  die Nashörner vor Wilderern. Die Cloud ermöglicht schnelle Reaktionen in Echtzeit, um die Nashörner zu schützen.



Process efficiency
We helped a major mining company streamline their business processes with a next-generation cloud environment for SAP. Cloud enabled our client to significantly reduce their costs.


Employee collaboration
We helped a large government agency to communicate and collaborate better internally. We put hybrid cloud at the core by moving 80,000 seats of Microsoft® Exchange email to a consumption-based cloud model. Cloud enabled our client to reduce their costs.


Minimising risk
We gave world leaders secure communications at the G20 Summit with a cloud desktop for just as long as they needed. Cloud enabled the Australia Government to respond quickly for the two day event.

Client stories

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  • ​Mix Telematics moves to the cloud to support global growth
    Mix Telematics made a decision to virtualise their environment and move to the cloud. They needed a local company with a global footprint. One contact point for all their data centres. ​​

Hybrid cloud

 Im Zentrum: die Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud at the core lets you respond quickly, frees up capital, allows you to scale up or down to meet unknown demand, and reduce costs.

We can cover every possible permutation of private and public cloud:

  • in your data centre, ours, or both
  • including managed on-site IT, and third-party cloud services
  • we can integrate it all into a unified eco-system
  • with consumer-style convenience in provisioning and billing

Respond smarter, faster with hybrid cloud


‘Moving to Dimension Data’s cloud was a no brainer decision for us. The cloud services allow us now to be very dynamic, fast and flexible.’ – Dmitri Mirvis, CIO, Mercy Health

Our cloud is enterprise grade, built and optimised for your business applications: collaboration, mobility, ERP, contact centres, or your own bespoke enterprise applications.

Our consulting and professional services can assess workloads for cloud, plan and execute the migration, then optimise and govern your cloud. We’ll keep you in command with our cloud control management capability.

For a complete solution, we’ll surround your cloud with all the enabling technologies – data centres, networking, collaboration, and security – and we can provide support, managed services, or outsourcing.

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Neue Trends

 Neue Trends

    Unser Angebot

     Unser Angebot

    Consulting and professional services: We help you assess your applications and data for cloud. We plan the optimum deployment model, considering physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid options. We plan the change, and provide the people to carry out the actual migration. Once in place, we optimise performance and cost-benefit, and ensure compliance with governance and policy.

    Private cloud: Most enterprises need some private cloud resources – segregated computing, storage, and networking – to preserve their security, data sovereignty, and ensure the high performance they need. We can deliver private cloud from your data centre through a consumption-based model.

    Public cloud: Less-sensitive applications such as test and development can safely go to public platforms where they can enjoy consumer-style convenience in provisioning and billing.

    Hybrid cloud: We can cover every possible permutation of private and public cloud. In your data centre, ours, or both. Including managed on-site IT, and third-party cloud services. And integrate it all into a unified eco-system with consumer-style convenience in provisioning and billing.

    Business continuity: We offer cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery and attach stringent service level guarantees to all commitments.

    Cloud Services for Microsoft: Enjoy the flexibility of a fully-managed private or hybrid enterprise cloud service providing messaging, collaboration, PSTN voice, video and web conferencing through access to Microsoft communication and collaboration technologies – all on a pay-per-use basis.

    Cloud Services for Cisco: Allows you to stay in control, and retain the value of your existing UC assets as you take the first steps into the cloud, and take advantage of the benefits that the cloud offers.

    Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service: A policy-driven solution, hosted on Dimension Data's cloud infrastructure, that ensures flexible integration, rapid implementation, and fast adoption of mobility across the organisation.

    OneCloud Partner Programme: Many of our cloud clients are service providers, systems integrators, or independent software vendors. By joining our OneCloud Partner Programme, these partners can either resell or white label our cloud services, or we can build a managed cloud platform for their exclusive use.

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    "Die Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik war absolut spitze. Sie war hoch verfügbar und komplett sicher. Sie hat die Erwartungen aller vor Ort übertroffen. Es war einfach perfekt."
    Radi Kovacevic, CIO im Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet der australischen Regierung, über die Cloud-Lösung, die wir für den G20-Gipfel bereitgestellt haben.