Escalating an issue

If you believe an issue is not being processed to your satisfaction, please contact the Service Desk, quote the Reference Number and ask to speak to the Escalation Manager.

The Escalation Manager will:

  1. Own escalated issues through to resolution and maintain an action plan for each escalation.
  2. Make any decision appropriate to the resolution of the issue.
  3. Manage any escalation meetings or phone conferences (as appropriate) including the client, Dimension Data and vendors or third parties.
  4. Regularly communicate escalation status to the client, the Client Services Manager (if assigned, the Account Manager and any other relevant parties.
  5. Regularly update and seek the advice of Dimension Data management.
  6. Ensure that all appropriate personnel are available to support the agreed action plan for the duration of the escalation. 

Note. The Escalation Manager can downgrade an escalated call if the issue is being managed to a scheduled timeframe or resolution has been provided to the client and is in the process of being tested. If the client is involved in escalation, then Dimension Data will obtain the client’s approval prior to downgrading an escalated issue.