Business Issues and Challenges

​​As manufacturing organisations scan the global landscape for new markets and opportunities, they’re required to respond to increasingly complex business demands.Mergers and acquisitions, agreements with trading partners, and geographically diverse operations can make it difficult to stay lean and focused … and the needs to lower production costs, and cope with fluctuations in supply and demand, are ever-present.From product design to customer care, you need to provide continu​al improvements – at minimal cost. This requires successfully integrating factory and enterprise systems and aligning processes across your supply chain.Does your IT investment enable you to accelerate growth and innovation, improve product life cycle management, drive operational efficiency and contain costs?
In a highly competitive environment, with sophisticated potential buyers across global and international markets, there’s a pressing need to innovate and improve. From products and services to delivery models, you need to optimise the manufacturing cycle.Enterprise systems, which entail significant investment, often produce mixed results – with little or no return on investment. Do you have geographically diverse manufacturing operations which complicate data integration with enterprise applications? Or are you struggling to obtain real-time visibility of the factory floor which has an impact on your reporting capabilities?With our consulting skills​ and IT expertise, we’re able to understand your environment and challenges, and design the best solution for your manufacturing business. We’ll work with you to reduce IT service costs while increasing the business value of IT in your organisation. Our solutions and services are designed to help you:connect all elements within the factory and enterprise system environments through our end-to-end Digital Factory solutionadvance innovation in your operations through collaboration between enterprise business units and your extended network to reduce IT service costs while increasing the business value of ITincrease visibility across the supply chainimprove reporting and accuracy of dataimprove performance and resilience within your global network of trading partnersimprove security systems to protect data, assets and peopledrive service level adherence and best practice operationsContact us to find out how our solutions and services can support your existing business initiatives and future goals.

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