Corporate Social Responsibility

With every year, Dimension Data’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) embeds and integrates more deeply into the way we do business. Our approach to engage our people and to support our communities and the environment is key to our success in building trusted relationships with the organisations that choose to partner with us to deliver sustainable IT services and solutions to meet their business needs.

Our CSR programme, Heads, Hearts and Hands (HHH), operates across the breadth of our global business, involving 51 countries across five regions.

What’s in a name?

Heads, Hearts and Hands has a simple message. To be involved, we need to capture the imagination, talent and thinking of our people – our Heads. We also need to tap into the enormous generosity, altruism and a sense of what is right and meaningful – our Hearts. Finally we need to offer our people the opportunity of being involved, of giving their time, of sharing their skills and abilities and of allowing people to donate – our Hands.




Through HHH, we give expression to our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen not only to deliver value to shareholders and clients, but also to adhere to a code of ethical conduct; to provide a fair and unprejudiced workplace for employees; to deliver solutions that are environmentally responsible; and to ensure that we operate as sustainably as possible. Our CSR program covers three main areas: social issues, which includes our own employees as well as community engagement; environmental issues; and ethics and governance.


HHH has been formed to share ideas and leverage resources as we strengthen and grow our CSR programmes. The overarching identity of this programme enables us to share collateral and work together to raise awareness and employee engagement in the many exciting activities and initiatives we do around the world.