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Climate change is one of the greatest threats we face. It transcends national boundaries and can affect us all in many different ways.  Information and communications technology can play a powerful role in tackling climate change and shaping the way we do business. We've committed to play a leading role in protecting our environment while maximising economic stability. 

Our aim is to create more sustainable ways of doing business. We seek to ensure the longevity of our own operations and of your business, and to make a difference to people's personal and professional lives. Sustainability at Dimension Data is about more than just being environmentally conscious: it's about guaranteeing future success.

Maintaining efficient and effective operations is not only a matter of cost reduction at Dimension Data. It’s also in the best interest of our environment and ensures the longevity of our business.

Reducing energy use and carbon emissions
Our environmental programme has helped reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions by 10% per employee. That’s equivalent to taking nearly 2,500 cars off the road for a year and a saving of approximately USD 2.5 million. 


By leveraging our sustainable solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce travel and, improve waste management, we’ve been able to achieve the following:

  • Since 2007, we’ve reduced the distance travelled per employee by 35% and adopted our own managed service for visual communications.
  • In 2011, a focus on virtualisation avoided the need for over 700 servers, with potential energy savings of almost 1.4GWh.
  • We introduced a global e-waste policy to reduce the amount of e-waste sent to landfill. We donated old computers to schools and placed e-waste bins at our office locations so employees could dispose of personal e-waste.

Our accomplishments
Independent organisations have recognised the great strides we’ve made in executing our sustainability strategy:

  • We’ve been commended by the CDP for our voluntary approach to climate change disclosure.  Our current score of 88 is within the range of the top10% FTSE 350 companies.
  • We’ve developed and rolled out an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001, with certification in Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Middle East & Africa.
  • Independent analyst firm, Verdantix, named Dimension Data as a Leader in the Green Quadrant Sustainable Technology Services 2013 report.

Our Environmental Policy Statement is updated annually and can be found here.

Read about sustainability reporting in our Annual Business Review here


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