​A single network for ICT services that enables connected government

Dimension Data’s one.govt (open network environment for government) telecommunication services help government agencies achieve the benefits of connected government. These services, described below, can be purchased separately or as a fully managed suite.

Increasingly, the network is becoming the platform for all communication, collaboration and access to IT services. It’s the foundation for the services that enable agencies to deliver outcomes for citizens. It’s also the platform for emerging trends like IT-as-a-service, cloud computing, and mobility. 

A single government network makes it easier – and cheaper – for agencies to consume these services. Currently, over 1,000 offices from over 45 agencies are using the Cisco-powered one.govt network. By leveraging a contestable market model, we’re able to choose the best available access services, either from major carriers or smaller regional access providers, at the lowest price.

​The one.govt all-of-government network offers a number of benefits:

  • Effective connectivity over a secure network lowers the barriers to collaboration and enables the sharing of common resources, such as information and applications, which is particularly beneficial to smaller agencies. 
  • Lower costs through aggregation: so far, one.govt participating agencies have realised initial savings of 30%, with a further 20% discount due to volume. As more agencies join, the costs come down even further for everyone on board, making it more affordable over time. Flexible, consumption-based pricing offers further savings.
  • The network is an open platform that allows you to purchase the services that run on it (voice, video, mobile, infrastructure-as-a-service, Internet, email, Web). These services can be procured from Dimension Data as part of one.govt or from a third party. Either way, agencies will benefit from further discounts and savings by purchasing these services in an aggregated ways.
  • You have assurance that the network is protected, secure, robust, and cost-effective.
  • Bandwidth is committed to your agency on a dedicated connection, making it more consistent and more reliable at peak times

Most importantly, a single network means you can more easily harness technology to deliver better, trusted public services

Sharing, rather than duplicating, information across agencies means greater efficiency and less frustration – and risk. Citizens will enjoy a more consistent experience when transacting with government. They’ll also experience greater levels of self-service online, through multiple channels.

Services offered by one.govt:

one.govt connectivity services:

  • one.govt WAN is a fully managed WAN that provides a high-performance, private network for each agency, that’s capable of carrying voice, video, and data traffic.
  • Secure WAN adds encryption to the standard WAN service, providing protection for agencies transferring sensitive data.
  • one.govt Internet access offers high-speed Internet services upwards of 1 Gbps with a flat-rate tariff, delivering enhanced performance at a predictable cost.
  • one.govt inter-agency service allows connection between any of the participating agencies using a fully meshed network.
  • one.govt IaaS connect offers a 'secure on-ramp' for agencies to connect to hosted offerings and cloud services. It provides critical connectivity required to access the infrastructure as-a-service offerings that have been developed for all-of-government.

​Security services:

  • one.govt email and Web protection services are cloud-based services that automatically block spam, phishing scams, viruses, and inappropriate content in the cloud, before it reaches your network.
  • one.govt SEEMail service secures Internet email traffic between participating government agencies.
  • one.govt firewall provides agencies with protection from Internet threats, internal attacks, and business-to-business connection risks. As a fully managed service, this frees agencies from the burden of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining their own firewall infrastructure.

​Collaboration services:

  • one.govt voice gateway  allows you to lower your fixed telephony costs by using SIP trunks, and access the best call minute rates in the market.
  • one.govt video gateway enables agencies to leverage the benefits of videoconferencing between organisations, without the need to invest in expensive hardware and without losing the high-definition experience.

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