Service Description for Optional Services Site to Site

This Service Description for Optional Services (“SDOS”) describes generally the features of the Optional Services:

D. Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network Services (“VPN Services”)

Capitalised terms used in this SDOS have the meaning set out in the Terms or other documents comprising the Agreement. Dimension Data may amend this SDOS from time to time, including by adding or removing Optional Services, by posting the updated version at this URL or otherwise providing notice to Client.

Note: Service Levels and Service Level Credits do not apply to VPN Services

D. Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network Services


1.1 The VPN Service is intended to grant Client a secure and private method to access Dimension Data Services (“Primary Services”) via the public Internet.

1.2 Dimension Data has installed within its MCP a router or other switching device which supports the VPN Service (“VPN Router”). The VPN Service provides Client with encrypted connectivity between Dimension Data Cloud Network(s) and Client’s other information and communications technology network (“Client Network”), through use of Internet Protocol Security (“IPsec”). Each encrypted connection between one or more Cloud Network(s) and a single Client Network shall be defined as a “VPN Tunnel.”


2.1 Ordering Client may submit a written or electronic Optional Services Order to Dimension Data to order VPN Services.

2.2 Fees. The Optional Services Order will set out the monthly Fees (“Usage Fees”) and Set-up Fees payable by Client based on the number of VPN Tunnels specified therein.


Provisioning of VPN Service includes:

3.1 Installation and Configuration of VPN Tunnel. Following Dimension Data’s acceptance of an Order for VPN Services, Dimension Data will install and configure the VPN Tunnel(s). 

3.2 Configuration of Cloud Networks.  Following connection to the VPN Router, Dimension Data will configure one or more Cloud Network(s), as specified in the applicable Optional Services Order, for connection to the relevant Client Network.

3.3 Client Responsibilities.  Client must provide and provision suitable Customer Premise Equipment (“CPE”) to terminate the IPSEC VPN Tunnel and support Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP4).  Dimension Data will not manage, support, or otherwise accept responsibility for any CPE.   Additionally, Client must provide and submit all required information in the relevant data collection sheet in order for VPN Service to be provisioned.


4.1 Excusing Events.  Client agrees that the VPN Router constitutes “network, hardware, infrastructure” for the purposes of the definition of Excusing Event.

4.2 Suspension, Termination, Disabling and Disconnection.  If Dimension Data suspends or terminates the VPN Services, Dimension Data reserves the right to disconnect all aspects of such service within its control.