Service Description for Optional Services Tech Ops

This Service Description for Optional Services (“SDOS”) describes generally the features of the Optional Services:

A. Tech Ops Services

Capitalised terms used in this SDOS and not otherwise defined have the meaning set out in the Terms or other documents comprising the Agreement. Dimension Data may amend this SDOS from time to time, including by adding or removing Optional Services, by posting the updated version at this URL or otherwise providing notice to Client.

Note: Service Levels and Service Level Credits do not apply to Tech Ops Services.

A. Tech Ops Services


1.1 The Tech Ops Services are intended to provide basic system administration services such as operating system (OS) support, system monitoring and server backups for Client’s Cloud Servers. In addition to the services specifically described below, Tech Ops Services includes an extension of Technical Support to answering questions and providing information about the Tech Ops Services.

1.2 Client must make Dimension Data a full access Sub-Administrator for Client’s Public IaaS or Private Cloud account, as applicable, so that Dimension Data can help manage the Client’s Public IaaS or Private Cloud environment and perform system administration tasks as required by the Tech Ops Services.

1.3 Dimensions Data’s Tech Ops Services comprise the following:
​Tech Ops Service ​Summary
​Cloud Server deployment ​Deploy Cloud Servers as directed by Client
​Cloud Server monitoring ​Performance monitoring including CPU, disk and memory on Cloud Servers
​Cloud Server OS support ​OS patch implementation
​Cloud Server backups ​Daily incremental backups with 28 day retention

2.1 Dimension Data will deploy to the Client’s Cloud Network new Cloud Servers as requested by Client from the Global Service Centre. This service is limited to deployment of standard server images and excludes all other deployment functions such as setting up firewall rules, load balancing and network address translation (NAT).


3.1 Cloud Server monitoring provides Client with information about and monitoring of the operation and performance of Client’s Cloud Servers including CPU, disk and memory performance. Client and Dimension Data will agree the appropriate monitoring metrics and thresholds for Client’s Cloud Servers. Dimension Data will then implement the monitoring and provide Client with credentials and training to permit Client to operate the Cloud Server monitoring using the Management Portal. The information obtained from the Cloud Server monitoring is available to the Global Service Centre and can be used to assist with Incident Correction, Service Requests and Technical Support.


4.1 Cloud Server OS support involves reviewing vendor and third-party security bulletins and patch updates to identify and recommend OS patches for Client’s Cloud Servers. This service only applies to the core or base OS and does not cover:

(a) applications (including Client Applications);

(b) anti-virus software; or

(c) software services that are built into the OS.

4.2 The process followed for Cloud Server OS support is:

(a) Dimension Data will run an automated script which logs into each Cloud Server and generates a list of OS patches for Client’s Cloud Servers.

(b) Client will be contacted to schedule the application of the patch to the Cloud Server OS. Dimension Data will endeavour to complete the work as scheduled.

(c) After patches have been applied Dimension Data will reboot the Cloud Servers and notify the Client.

(d) Client must then verify that all Client Applications and Client Content function and appear as expected.


5.1 The Cloud Server backup service is onsite disk to disk daily incremental backup of data (other than the relevant OS) on a Cloud Server. Client and Dimension Data will agree the inclusion list for data to be backed up for each Client Server. Backup data is retained for twenty-eight (28) days. The standard Fee is based on no more than 100 gigabytes of source data per Cloud Server. Additional data will be charged at an additional per GB rate.


6.1 Ordering. To order Tech Ops Services Client must submit to Dimension Data a written Optional Services Order. Client must maintain for the Minimum Commitment Term a minimum number of Cloud Servers to which Tech Ops apply and this minimum number of Cloud Servers is the greater of: (i) 4; and (ii) the number of Cloud Servers for which Client orders Tech Ops Services in its Initial Order. For the purposes of this Section 6.1, the Minimum Commitment Term for Tech Ops Services is the Term of the Initial Order.

6.2 Adding and subtracting Tech Ops Services. Subject always to the minimum commitments set out in section 6.1, Client may add and subtract Tech Ops Services in connection with individual Cloud Servers. Unless Client specifies a longer term, the term for Tech Ops Services added after the Initial Order will end at the same time as Minimum Commitment Term.

6.3 Fees. Fees for Tech Ops Services include: (i) a one-time Set-up Fee; and (ii) a monthly Fee based on the number of Cloud Servers to which Client applies Tech Ops Services. Dimension Data will waive the Set-up Fee where the Minimum Commitment Term is twelve (12) months or more. Dimension Data may require Client to pay an Early Termination Fee equal to (i) the monthly Fees multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Minimum Commitment Term; plus (ii) the amount of the waived Set-up Fee, if Client terminates the Tech Ops Services before the end of Minimum Commitment Term.