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Chong Looi Looi<p>General Manager, Managed Services, New Zealand<br><br>​Every day, Chong uses his inquisitive nature to excel in his career, take on and overcome challenges, and embrace every opportunity he gets. He values the variety of his work and collaborating on unique initiatives with some of the brightest, most motivated and pragmatic people in the world. With his affinity for innovative ideas, he experiences Dimension Data’s career environment as being rich with opportunities. Teamwork, he feels, is a solid foundation in every department. ‘I have been fortunate to have been involved in teams at a country, regional and Group level. I value the great camaraderie I’ve experienced.’<br>​</p>
Chris Hurst Hurst<p>Senior Administration Assistant, Canada<br><br>​It’s the team spirit that Chris appreciates most about working at Dimension Data. With extensive support from management, she continues to grow in her role as Senior Administration Assistant. She experienced this inspiring work culture from her first day here. ‘Everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable. First impressions mean a lot. Now I try to do this for all our new hires.’ Chris sees herself as a ‘make-it-happen’ type of person, and that’s why she fits in perfectly with our culture. She’s also been fortunate in being able to ‘design’ her own role within Dimension Data. ‘Being a new position in Canada, and with Canada being a small team compared to our counterparts in America, it really was a design-as-you-go scenario, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,’ says Chris. And what has Dimension Data taught her about herself? With her eye on growth towards a project or bid management career, Chris says that everyone in our business has unique skills. She’s proud of the fact that she can contribute to the success of the organisation with her individual flair.<br>​</p>
Marco Cantamessi Cantamessi<p>Sales Manager, United States<br><br>​With an adventurous nature, balanced by incredible leadership skills, sales leader Marco has been with Dimension Data for nearly 15 years, yet his enthusiasm for the organisation stays strong. It’s our people, combined with working in the dynamic IT industry, that Marco values most about Dimension Data. ‘I’ve been lucky enough to work with people I admire. When you combine that with our innovative industry, it makes you excited to come to work every day.’ With his vibrant personality, honesty and approachability, Marco enjoys the challenges, prospects and projects that are part of his career at Dimension Data. But it was his move from Belgium to America in 2004 that saw Marco take on a whole new set of responsibilities. He is thankful for receiving that life-changing opportunity. ‘If you have a dream, you have to make it happen. My dream was to work in New York and, after making the right connections and with the help of many people in Dimension Data, I realised that dream; and you can do the same.’<br>​</p>

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