About Dimension Data’s Network Barometer Report 2015

The Network Barometer Report 2015 gauges the readiness of today’s networks to support business by investigating and comparing four dimensions of network management and strategy: technology lifecycle management, support services, security, and architecture.



Data sources


Data sources  

The Network Barometer Report 2015 is based on network discovery data gathered through Dimension Data’s Technology Lifecycle Management Assessments conducted for organisations around the world. We combined this with information from our Global Service Centres, which relate to support service requests, or ‘incidents’, logged against organisations’ devices managed by us.  

       Technology  data gathered from


        Support services data gathered from 





Global findings



Overall, there’s a growing need for more effective day-to-day network management across all corporate networks. Remote monitoring and automated management is the single most effective tool for improving network service levels by drastically reducing support time.




Regional analyses


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Google Hangout


Google Hangout

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