Dimension Data Direct

Dimension Data Direct is an eProcurement system that can operate as a stand-alone, web-enabled portal, or can be integrated with our clients’ own procurement systems.

Direct facilitates practices that improve productivity, operational efficiency and risk management. This is achieved by combining product configuration tools, custom catalogues and business rules enforcement into a single solution.

Direct is modular, so you can configure its functions to meet your specific requirements. That said, no matter how you apply the system, its philosophy remains the same: to provide a single solution that encompasses and complements the services and solutions provided to you by Dimension Data.

This site contains a high level overview of the features and benefits of the solution.

Essentially, Direct replaces laborious (often paper-based) manual procurement processes with an easy-to-use web-based system.

Direct has the flexibility to work cohesively with your own procurement process, whether that involves:

  • Simple online ordering;
  • Ordering with approval workflows; or
  • Integration with your ERP systems.

We recognise that every organisation's procurement process is different; you may simply order products online using a credit card, or your process may be more complex and involve the receipt of a quote, which must be reviewed by a technical staff member before it is passed to an approver and purchasing agent.

Whatever your organisation's requirements, it can be mirrored and applied in Direct.