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Why we're involved



We’re passionate about protecting our wildlife heritage for future generations.

We believe technology can solve critical environmental challenges.

We collaborate with the best partners in the business, such as Cisco to achieve our ambitious goal.

Challenges of the environment


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Challenges of the environment


Technology can solve the
challenges of the environment


The private game park used manual security processes, and basic access control.

There was a lack of basic technology infrastructure.

Communication among park rangers and control office was limited.

Rhino conservation
needs our help


Most rhino conservation efforts are reactive, such as darting the rhino, drilling into the horn, inserting a sensor, and tracking it.

Traditional methods are traumatic and stressful for the animal.

A proactive approach is to intercept rhino poaching syndicates before they can harm the animal.





Our solution is different.
We use technology to protect the rhino by tracking people.




Transforming conservation


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How technology
transforms conservation





Data and analytics


Digitising and analysing the entry and exit information of people visiting the park



    Automatic backup

Backing up data in real-time, to ensure uptime

for tomorrow


Multiscreen communication

Keeping rangers connected across multiple devices in all areas




Secure network and data flow

Eliminating the risk of information falling in the wrong hands


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    Using professional services to design and implement the solutions;
operated as managed service, using the cloud for data analysis and backup
The results


Our solution delivers results
for the rhino and the community





    Conservation faces a bright future



    'With this project, we’re starting a groundswell of real change in conservation, demonstrating the capacity to protect not only the rhino, but also other endangered animals, in more geographies.'

    Bruce Watson, Group Executive, Cisco Alliance: Dimension Data


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    Dimension Data protects threatened rhino in Southern Africa.




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