Today’s IT challenge

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Digital disruption is reinventing the modern organisation. Customers and consumers expect unprecedented agility, speed of responsiveness and access to information. As the pace of business accelerates, organisations must transform their IT to meet this digital future, but transitioning to the cloud can be a daunting proposition. Organisations need a way to move to the cloud to respond faster and smarter in a way that makes business sense.
I want to move to the cloud, but don't know how.
I need to reduce my IT capital expenditure, while improving service delivery.
How can I reduce the risk of adopting hybrid IT?
Partnering for your success

 Two great companies – one unwavering commitment

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​Dimension Data and EMC have formed an alliance – a powerful duo of innovation to assist IT leaders to simplify and expedite their transition to cloud and drive transformation within their operations.
The partnership provides clients with comprehensive offerings that facilitate the move to hybrid IT and span on premise, off-premise, private, public, and hybrid cloud with a suite of managed services.  These solutions help organisations move swiftly to reinvent themselves to embrace the digital age, one in which technology is built, evaluated, marketed, sold, used, serviced, and supported very differently.


Improved time-to-value
Reduced risk
​Accelerated cloud adoption
Little disruption to IT operations



Private cloud

 Achieve hybrid IT through private cloud

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Get the elasticity and cost benefits of public cloud, but with the security and control promised by private cloud solutions.


The move to private cloud – 6 critical questions

Private cloud for every organisation


Improve IT agility, operational efficiency and time to market
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Dedicated IaaS on your premises or ours

Managed services

 Achieve hybrid IT through managed services

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Data is the lifeblood of your digital business. How do you manage your data centre to support new opportunities?


Managing the data centre in the digital age

Zurich SA better serves insurance customers around the world
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Top 5 data centre pain points and remedies to overcome them
Is your data centre able to transform to better perform?
Digitising cycling

 Digitising the world of professional cycling

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Dimension Data, with EMC believe that transformative technology help teams perform better. Together we support Team Dimension Data in their quest for greatness.  

EMC supports our team through technology, powered by both EMC and VCE vBlock systems which provide team management with a better analysis of the race, highlights the race tactics, and shows how essential each rider’s role is within the team. Together, Dimension Data and VCE are modernising the professional cycling experience for Team Dimension Data.​

Have data centre, will travel

Taking technology to the road for the next stage of cycling transformation.



Dimension Data and EMC modernise cycling

​​​Supporting the dreams of cyclists as they prepare to compete in the world’s most gruelling cycling race.
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​​Transformative technology helps cycling teams
and businesses perform better​


Unleash the power of data with
digital infrastructure

Find out how​​​​​

​​​Respond smarter and faster with
hybrid cloud​​​ at the core

Find out how​​​​​​




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