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People are at the heart of business


Familiar and easy


It starts with the individual, their comfort, confidence and happiness. Skype for Business is familiar, it’s effortless.


Because people know Skype, they are more likely to adopt Skype for Business quickly with less training and support required.

Anywhere, any device


Audio, video and web conferencing is integrated, simplified, and widely available on mobile devices.


With Skype for Business, conversations are convenient, travelling with you from mobile device to meeting room. People can add new ideas, review any part of a conversation, or get to meeting content from wherever they may be.



 Modern products for global scale, security, and reliability

​​Why the name change

As social and professional collaboration tools start to come together, people seek applications they trust, that are familiar to them in their everyday lives, and which can be accessed on any device. This trend has led to Microsoft Lync undergoing a name change to become Skype for Business. 

​​How does it work?

Being mobile is critical to keep pace and get work done. Skype for Business is a complete business communications and collaboration tool that's available anywhere there's Internet and cellular access.


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​​Why Dimension Data

Dimension Data, in alliance with Microsoft, makes Skype for Business part of your innovative workspaces for tomorrow. Our unified communication and collaboration solutions will seamlessly match your business needs.  

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How it works

 How does it work?


By automatically adapting to Internet and other unmanaged network conditions, and providing encryption without the use of a virtual private network (VPN), the experience is reliable and set-up is less complex.


Skype for Business dramatically reduces the IT cost of supporting home and mobile workers. It offers a single client for instant messaging (IM), voice, video, presence, content sharing, searchable contacts, contacts info, Office integration, and Skype consumer connectivity.


It’s available on PCs, Macs, Windows and Android tablets, iPads®, conference room systems, and leading mobile platforms. No need for multiple apps and solutions — one client, one set of sign-in credentials.

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Conversations live across all of your devices and stay synchronised with Exchange.
Why Dimension Data

 Why Dimension Data

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Microsoft Certified
Microsoft Certified
Solutions Experts

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in 10 Microsoft competencies including:
communications, content management, messaging, portals and collaboration, server platform, software asset management, and volume licensing



in 9 Microsoft competencies including:
application integration, mobility, search, software development, web development,data platform, management and virtualisation, and midmarket solution provider


Deployed the first production environment of Microsoft Hyper-V in the world
   Deployed over 500 Skype for Business projects globally
- several hundred of those deploying enterprise voice. One of only a handful of Microsoft Elite partners worldwide certified to deliver services for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business. Dimension Data has the largest number of Microsoft Lync masters outside of Microsoft.
   Microsoft Centres of Excellence around the world
Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia
Dimension Data has deployed more than 1.7 million seats of Microsoft® Lync and Skype for Business, many with advanced voice and video integration.




  • Workspaces for tomorrow

    Dimension Data and Skype for Business enabling workspaces for tomorrow


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