Environmental sustainability

​Our environmental sustainability strategy is to reduce travel, energy, and waste for our clients, our business, and our employees by providing ICT solutions that lower costs, minimise environmental damage, and benefit society. 


Our ambition is clear. Between 2013 and 2018, we want to use technology to reduce 1.8 million tons more carbon for our clients than we produce ourselves, while also preventing 4,000 tons of electronic waste from going to landfill. We believe that by doing this we can reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, and potentially save up to USD 2 billion for our clients.



Environmental targets video


  • Using technology to make a difference - our new environmental targets


 Environmental targets methodology

​We believe that our new targets will help our clients achieve not only their economic, but also their environmental sustainability goals.  At the same time, it encourages us to work together and find new ways to use technology to solve a vital issue in preventing dangerous climate change – the reduction of carbon.


​Find out what our CEO Brett Dawson has to say about how technology can be used to protect the planet.

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​Find out more about the methodology and approach used to calculate our environmental targets.

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More on our targets

 Getting to know our environmental targets

Instead of simply reducing the environmental impact from our own operations, we’ve set ourselves the challenge of using technology more progressively, in order to help our clients with their own carbon reduction strategies.


Find out how we plan to make a difference - take a tour of our new environmental targets. 

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​See frequently asked questions about our new environmental targets.

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