Delivering a seamless virtual sales event for NTT Ltd.

Together we ensured that when the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that NTT Ltd. wouldn’t be able to hold its annual Asia Pacific sales kick-off event as planned, they were able to hold a bigger and better, virtual event. Our Digital Events team, with only four weeks to prepare, enabled a completely digital event, connecting speakers to more than 1,500 participants across the region. From registration to the event itself, and allowing post-event follow-ups, the digital events platform delivered a seamless experience for the company and its employees. With the delivery of the event taken care of, they were able to focus on how to best communicate their message to their team, helping them prepare for the next financial year. 

Going digital with NTT Ltd.’s APAC Sales Kick-Off event

At the beginning of every financial year, like many other companies, NTT Ltd. hosts a sales kick-off event. This event sets the tone for the year to come, briefing the sales teams on their strategy for the year and ensuring they all focus on the goals at hand. For their Asia Pacific region, this means bringing hundreds of people together in a single location across countries in Asia Pacific every year in March.

The 2020 event was of particular importance for NTT Ltd. as it was the first sales kick-off in the region since the company — created from 31 other companies, including Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT Security — was launched. This made it a vital opportunity to bring new teams together and cement the culture for the new company.

With planning well underway for the 2020 event, the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear to the organizers that it was impossible to proceed with their existing plan and they needed to rethink the entire event. With just four weeks to go before the scheduled event, it was necessary to embrace the organizational value of creating a connected future.

‘Business doesn’t stop just because of a virus and many of the services we bring to market are vitally important for our clients. We needed our team to be ready to meet those needs.’
John Lombard  , Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, NTT Ltd.

Working together to deliver a world-class event

Once it became clear that it was not possible to hold the event as planned, the team started exploring ways to hold a virtual sales kick-off. With just four weeks to go, they reached out to their Digital Events team for help in making the event digital.

Working together and leveraging the Digital Events team’s extensive expertise in hosting digital events, they were able to link up the sales teams across the regions.

All attendees registered for the event via a dedicated, branded portal which allowed the company to track attendance as well as ensure the security of the event. This also allowed the on-site moderator to track all questions asked and ensure that those people whose questions were not answered during the live event got a response afterwards.

The customized portal also enabled the company to foster their brand values of Speed, Execute, and Together.

Using the Singapore office as a studio, the events team ensured that all the speakers were fully prepared for the event, including a full test run through.

Using the NTT Studio platform, they were able to ensure that all aspects of the presentation progressed smoothly.

With a robust platform in place, all team members could participate in the event, wherever in the region they were. With the event recorded they could also go back and view it again later, or catch up if they weren’t able to make the original time.

What were the benefits of moving to a virtual event

A seamless experience for participants

Leveraging the expertise of their Digital Events team, NTT Ltd. were able to switch their 2020 Asia Pacific Sales Kick-Off from a physical to a digital event in less than a month. This allowed them to effectively communicate their strategy for the year to their sales organization, even when COVID-19 made an in-person event impossible.

Increased participation

Through the power of the digital platform, they were able to increase the number of employees who were able to attend the event from 800 to 1,500 people. This allowed them to communicate directly with more members of their sales team, and those who couldn’t make it had access to the recording of the event afterwards.

Seamless production

Taking advantage of the extensive expertise in the Digital Events team, NTT Ltd. were able to focus on communicating their sales strategy for 2020 to their team. The result was an event that ran smoothly with the on-site production and streaming all coming together to create an exceptional event for all participants.

Digital transformation leadership

The success of this event enabled NTT Ltd. to showcase their own digital transformation journey. As one of the first organizations to take a major event digital after the outbreak of COVID-19, it highlighted the agility of the organization as well as their commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees.