Axfood creates a secure environment through managed security services.

Together we’re leveraging the power on managed services to protect Axfood’s people and systems. Swedish retailer, Axfood needed to ensure that their IT infrastructure was protected against the evolving threat landscape. With a small internal IT security team, they decided to engage a managed security services provider to deliver comprehensive protection. Partnering with NTT and Cisco they’re able to leverage the power of cloud-based endpoint protection to ensure that their users are secure, wherever they are. With our managed security services, they have access to advanced threat detection and vulnerability management solutions and, should they need it, incident response services. 

Minimizing risks to Axfood’s IT infrastructure

As one of the largest food retailers in Sweden, Axfood is in the public eye. They understand the importance of ensuring that the IT infrastructure linking all the elements of their business together needs to be secure.

With security threats constantly evolving, they took the decision to move to a managed security service, freeing up their IT department to focus on key business objectives.

With their existing security solution coming up for renewal, they took the opportunity to analyze their environment to establish what model would best suit their evolving business needs.

This process allowed them to understand the importance of mitigating the risks associated with securing their endpoints. With technology in stores becoming more sophisticated and more users working from home, they realized that their existing strategy to secure their endpoints wasn’t going to meet the needs of the organization in the future.

Their new strategy had to accommodate the realities of a decentralized workforce accessing applications hosted in hybrid environments, including both cloud and on-premises solutions.

After evaluating their options, they decided to partner with a managed security service provider capable of delivering a comprehensive solution.

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Which services?

Managed Security Services, Advanced Threat Detection, Vulnerability Management Services, Managed Services

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Which technologies?

Cisco Umbrella, AMP

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'With our plans to move some of applications to the cloud, and our people working from home, we needed a more holistic approach to our security and NTT have helped us achieve that.’
Ronnie Fougner , IT Security Service Manager, Axfood

Securing their infrastructure, wherever it is

To ensure their users remained secure, wherever they were, Axfood made the decision to leverage our Managed Security Services, including managed endpoint protection using Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).

Together, they enable Axfood to monitor and protect their entire IT infrastructure, whether it’s in their offices, distribution centers, stores or in their employees’ own homes.

Critical to this is the advanced threat management provided by our Advanced Threat Detection Service. With new threats emerging every day, the Managed Security Service lets them reduce the risk to their business as our global network of security operations centers, including one in Gothenburg, Sweden, actively monitors network traffic for any new threats.

The cloud-based Umbrella and AMP services ensure that the infrastructure that’s most vulnerable to attack, endpoint devices, are always protected according to the policies set by the Axfood IT team.

At the same time our Vulnerability Management Service gives them full visibility of the security status of their environment. This includes their firewall and on-premises IT infrastructure as well as their cloud-based applications, including those hosted on Azure and AWS.

They also have access to a full risk report enabling them to see where they need to take action to eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

Should there be an incident they can leverage incident response teams, allowing them to mitigate any damage and return to business as usual as quickly as possible.

A collaborative approach to security

Working together with us and Cisco, Axfood can move their business forward, secure in the knowledge that they’ve minimized any potential security risks.
As they continue on their digital transformation journey, our Managed Security Services will continue to adapt to their chosen direction.

Trusted partner

Through this process, we’ve formed a close working relationship based on trust. Taking a secure by design approach they’re focused on ensuring that their technology investments are aligned with their security strategy.

Cloud-based protection

Leveraging Cisco cloud-based security services ensures that no matter where their users are, they’re always protected against evolving security threats.

Monitoring and threat detection

Leveraging our global network of security operations centers, Axfood are able minimize the risks to their hybrid infrastructure. With access to full incident protection they can react quickly to any attacks, both through their internal team as well as our incident response teams.