The City of Las Vegas transforms to create the city of the future

Together with the City of Las Vegas we use artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensors to enable real-time decision-making, creating a positive impact on the daily lives of residents and visitors. With a growing population and constrained resources, the City of Las Vegas turned to intelligent technology for help. And, the intelligent data collected not only enables faster responses to emergencies, it can also architect future infrastructure planning. We're working with the City of Las Vegas to deploy largest Private 5G network in the US; creating opportunities for businesses, government & educational institutions.

Why Las Vegas needed to become a connected city  

The City of Las Vegas needed an intelligent solution to tackle the challenges created by the modern world. With a growing population and constrained resources, they looked to technology and intelligent data for a solution.

With more than 40 million visitors a year, the City faces huge pressures on its infrastructure. The intelligent application of technology was essential to provide services not just to the huge influx of tourists, but also the city’s 600,000 residents. 

Building an connected city required access to information about what was happening in real-time. The City of Las Vegas needed to capture, analyze, and share relevant information as quickly as possible, allowing for the appropriate response to any situation.

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Which services?

Managed Services, Consulting Services, Technical Services, Cloud Services 

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Which technologies?

Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and orchestration 

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Which partners?

Dell Technologies, VMware, NTT DATA

'Cities that invest, cities that learn, cities that understand the technology will be the cities of the future.’ 
Michael Sherwood , Director, Innovation and Technology, City of Las Vegas

How data helps Las Vegas to connect better 

Through intelligent use of sensors and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the City now has access to critical data. Importantly, this presents decision-makers with information they can use, and at a time when it's most needed.

The City deployed a multitude of different sensors monitoring activity within the city. These included CCTV cameras paired with analytics software, as well as sensors to monitor other potential impacts to the City, including traffic flow and weather.

With huge amounts of data collection, and with limited resources, AI and machine learning were also employed, removing significant burden from key city personnel. The system delivers highly valuable insights for critical decision-making, in real-time.

What being connected means for the citizens of
Las Vegas 

The information generated by the connected city systems makes a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of both residents and visitors. Intelligent data allows for real-time decision-making.

Data generated by traffic flows is used to intelligently route vehicles, reduce congestion and get people to their destination faster. This allows emergency services to be deployed with extreme accuracy, dispatching the right resources to handle any issue.

Advanced facial recognition, when combined with greater CCTV coverage for example, can search for missing children. This dramatically reduces the time needed to find them.

For the City of Las Vegas building a connected urban area has let them collect data efficiently, enhancing the lives of both residents and visitors alike.