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Careers at Dimension Data


A wealth of opportunities. Guaranteed growth. An individual career path that will see you flourish into a valued expert. This is Dimension Data's career commitment to not only nearly 15,000 employees across six continents, but also any future employee who wants to work in a dynamic, rewarding environment geared towards rapid career expansion.

Driven by the desire to attract the best global talent to work on exciting, innovative projects, our confident career promise is an integral part of our continued success. Our community is powerful, our employees are inspired and happy, ideas originate from everywhere and we're proud to be a global family.

So what do you need to know about our potential career paths, and how will this knowledge inspire you to ignite your own legacy at Dimension Data?  

Your career path

Dimension Data’s career paths are mapped in a way that benefits both the employer and the employee. Firstly we look at you and your role, and pinpoint crucial steps, processes and stages that need to be completed. Secondly we look at Dimension Data’s requirements and seamlessly fit them into the career path framework. Ultimately, each path is tailored towards what your chosen career while taking our expectations into equal consideration. It’s a shared responsibility that allows for our company and its people to learn and grow.

Our spectrum of career paths speaks to a variety of industries and skills, from creative marketing professionals, sales leaders and people with a flair for business operations or professional services, to those who are passionate about customer service, human resources or logistics and supply chain management. Not forgetting our adept financiers, the IT solutions experts, a global team of technical specialists and a skilled secretarial and administrative department. Within each division you’ll find solid values, adaptability, important deliverables and a tactical plan to advance Dimension Data into an exciting era.

Your Ongoing Development

It’s rare to find an international company that puts so much emphasis on training and growth. This shows in our consistent performance in top industry awards programmes. We are proud winners of:

  • ​a global WhatWorks award for our career and pathing portal
  • a top 20 DQ IDC Best Employers award in India
  • a Merit award for a safe working environment in the USA 
  • further Top Employer awards in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Middle East and Africa

As part of our company, you’ll be presented with a steady stream of opportunities to grow your skills. You’ll be evaluated on ongoing development because we expect our employees to embrace every chance they get. The Dimension Data University is where it all happens.
Our employees have access to:

  • ​​world-class learning labs
  • on-the-job learning opportunities
  • relevant workshops
  • individual coaching 
  • over 2,000 online courses

It’s a learning hub that never stands still and offers not only career growth but also exposure to new skills and interests that ensure balanced employees. At Dimension Data, you’ll do meaningful work, receive encouragement and tools to direct your own career, get to know yourself and feel like you’re part of something bigger and that what you do, matters.