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No ordinary day. No ordinary career

An extraordinary career awaits you at Dimension Data – especially when you are part of a team with a global network that offers you opportunities to soar. True, the pace never lets up. The standards we demand of ourselves are second to none. Which makes Dimension Data the place to live your passion for technology. Then there are our world-class clients and open, learning culture. What better way to grow your career! And how about a close-knit international network that embraces you as a member of our global family that cares about the environment and gives back to the communities it does business in? Or the friendship and support of smart, inspiring colleagues? To become part of our culture, apply now using the Job Opportunities link.

A great opportunity to grow and develop your career One of our people recently described Dimension Data as having “all the excitement and entrepreneurial energy of a start-up with the security and stability of a blue chip company.” We think that’s a pretty cool environment to nurture a career. As a subsidiary of NTT (a $100b business and second largest telecommunications company in world) there are a whole lot of exciting opportunities for our people.

Work with the latest technology and great clients We are passionate about technology and passionate about what we do and get to work with the latest technology. We’re moving swiftly along our strategic path to becoming an IT Outsourcing partner and Cloud service provider. Seventy-nine percent of the Global Fortune 100 companies are our clients. And now together with NTT we have access to a client base of over 3,000 global, multinational clients.

The support, inspiration and friendship of great colleagues When surrounded by smart, inspiring, supportive colleagues, the workday flies by. We employ some of the world’s top technical talent, our people are passionate about what they do and great relationships, partnerships and friendships are forged. We have a focus on sustainability, driven by and for our employees and we give back to the communities we serve through our corporate social responsibility programme, Heads, Hearts and Hands. “The defining thing about Dimension Data is the passion of the people...I love the culture, love the conversations I have with my colleagues here. The people I engage with push me; engagement with them elevates my thinking.” (Laurent Leclercq, Dimension Data CIO)

A place in our great, global family We are a company that embraces the world. Our global footprint and multi-ethnic, multi-cultural environment sparks an exciting exchange of ideas. We have a direct presence in 53 countries with an extended reach in over 108 countries across the world map through our Preferred Partner Programme. We span mature and emerging markets, differing cultures in the East and West, diverse time zones and languages. Our people frequently collaborate with colleagues around the world and are exposed to international clients and partners.

Ready for a more extraordinary career? Apply now using the Job Opportunities link.