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Graduate Programmes


‘The future success of Dimension Data depends on the creativity, dedication, and hard work of young people who join our company as graduates today. To be a Dimension Data graduate is to be acknowledged as a young leader and an exceptionally talented individual. I’m passionate about supporting these young contributors in our company. I believe the Graduate Programme isn’t only about us selecting the best talent out there … it’s also about the best talent choosing Dimension Data as the company with which they’d like to pursue their careers.’ – Jeremy Ord, Chairman, Dimension Data Holdings

Finding yourself at the end of your tertiary education and feeling daunted by the prospect of beginning your working life?  Faced with so many questions, options, choices and paths to consider and not sure where to start? 

Ask yourself whether you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want the opportunity to work with the best and brightest?  Do you want to work on real projects with real people? Do you want the opportunity to be part of a great, global family addressing clients’ needs with leading edge technology solutions?

Then come and join Dimension Data as a graduate!  As a global organisation with a leading position in the technology industry we are able to offer immense opportunities for training and career progression.  More than 15 000 employees on 5 continents in 51 countries will testify to this.  Our employees have identified five major reasons why they intend to stay and work for us:  

  • ​They get rewarded for their efforts
  • They have the opportunity to work with brilliant people
  • They form part of a global footprint
  • There are opportunities to grow their careers
  • They are part of the Green technology revolution

As a graduate with us you'll have the opportunity to participate in enterprise leading training and development programmes through our Dimension Data Corporate University.  Alongside a rich bank of programmes, a network of intelligent people and an environment of accountability, we also endeavour to ensure that we maintain our high-performance culture for each year of current graduates. 

If you are up for the challenge and someone who can think outside the box – apply now. Not only will you be surrounded by the best and the brightest, you'll also take part in a programme that will accelerate your professional development, cultivate your leadership skills and provide you with all the capabilities you need to tackle the ever-changing global business environment.  Our programme is specifically geared towards graduates and students on the cusp of a new career. With valuable career guidance from industry professionals, hands-on experience that includes interaction with clients and solving real problems, on-the-job training by leadership and management-level mentors – you’ll soon be able to discover your own career path at Dimension Data.

We need people from all sorts of backgrounds to collaborate and help shape Dimension Data’s future.  So, whether you’re a Business Graduate or an IT Specialist – we want you.  With disciplines ranging from marketing to technical support, human resources to engineering, consultants to solutions architects – Dimension Data holds great value in the diversity of its workforce… our people is our business.

Our different Business Areas

Dimension Data has business units and divisions that cover everything from IT support to consulting. From large-scale outsourcing to managed hosted services to line of business specific solutions focused areas.  Whatever you want, it’s here. Explore our careers page and get to know what each Dimension Data department has to offer – plus you can view our current vacancies.

Find the Best Programme for You

At Dimension Data we offer interactive Graduate Programmes where you get a chance to integrate the theoretical world of study with the practical working world. The support and development provided through the programme ensure that you learn from the best professionals in the industry.

Our different Graduate Programmes are outlined below. To find out about additional Programmes in your country, contact your local Dimension Data office.

Graduate Acceleration Programme – Middle East and Africa

With our Chairman, Jeremy Ord, as global sponsor, as well as Regional executive support, our Graduate Acceleration Programme offers graduates from all over Middle East and Africa the opportunity to experience the diverse career paths our company has to offer. This two-year programme runs out of South Africa and puts you on a rotation schedule across all strategic business functions to ensure you have a well-rounded view of Dimension Data. 

You will spend the first month learning about the company, meeting people and finding your feet as you transition from university to the world of work.  The first month on the Programme involves a variety of classroom and online learning about Dimension Data’s Lines of Business and methodologies, as well as life skills training.  You will receive a graduate buddy and be assigned a mentor who will support you in your work during the first year and provide guidance in career decisions.  The functional and technical training element sees graduates begin a six to nine month rotation through the various lines of businesses, followed by a 12 month placement in a specific area to build competence in the agreed area of interest.

South Africa Technical Graduate Programme

This programme targets individuals that have completed a minimum of a relevant National Diploma qualification with a keen interest to follow a technical stream or business support role.

Belgium Programme

With an intake in September of each year, this graduate programme has been running successfully for the past five years.  The first three to four months is focused on ensuring that the graduates acquire the relevant basics and experience.  Post this, they move into a nine to twelve month period where they are now exposed to clients.  At the end of the year period, they are placed in either the Professional Services, Outsourcing or Managed Services business units.

Germany Programme

This 12 month Graduate Programme focusses on students who have studied degrees in Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Business Informatics and Science.  The first three and a half months of this programme focuses on technical training.  The next month looks at specific Dimension Data training with the final months made up of practical training and technical learning (online and classroom based).  Since the inception of this programme in 2007 only one graduate has left the company.

Australia Programme

The MS Graduate Programme is structured and designed to develop specialists in a particular technology or line of business. The first year is a combination of business unit rotations, mentoring and on the job learning and development.  All the graduates are then placed in a Managed Services line of business in their second year.  The aim of this programme is to:

  • ​Create an opportunity to quickly develop technical skills through a comprehensive range of learning and development activities including classroom based learning, e-learning, shadowing, and on the job training;
  • Provide formal and informal feedback on job performance;
  • Provide an opportunity for graduates to network with peer graduates across other lines of business;
  • Give access to a Buddy, Rotation Manager (Mentor) and People & Culture representative;
  • A programme focused on developing our future technical managers and leaders; and
  • Cross functional exposure

Graphically the programme looks as follows:


Asia Programme

Indonesia - Dimension Data Development Programme

The Development Programme focuses on hiring graduates in order to build experience and skills in accordance with the needs of the job.  This programme runs over a nine-month training period.  Each graduate signs a two-year contract.

India – Engineering Graduates

This programme provides graduate engineer trainees with broad, practical experience in the field of networking, leading to their development as field/resident engineers.

The total Graduate Engineer Trainee Programme is a one-year program divided into two phases.

Phase 1: Basics Training (BT) Programme
This is a 3-month training programme that introduces the engineer to all the basic networking technologies and solutions through classroom and on-the-job training methodologies.

Phase 2: Advanced Training (AT) Programme
This is a 9-month on-the-job training programme coupled with job shadowing, encompassing all technical aspects of the Managed Services (MS) department's work. The content covered in this phase is more focused on the technology preference of the trainees identified on the basis of their personal interest and aptitude.

Singapore - Technically Enterprising Associate (TEA)

Singapore’s TEA programme is a government-sponsored programme (Sponsored by: Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore).  This programme will run over a 9-12 month period with the aim of uplifting ICT skills in the country.

What Our Graduates Say

What’s it really like to be part of one of Dimension Data’s Graduate Programmes? We got the scoop from a few of our graduates on what you can expect from the programmes, the significance of mentoring, the Dimension Data culture and their own career goals.

Kieran Frost
‘Dimension Data has a winning, hard-working, vibrant culture. There’s a strong sense of community and teamwork – everyone wants to help you succeed. I was expecting to be “just an intern”, but Dimension Data goes to great lengths to make sure that you feel like you add value.’

Kieran calls the Graduate Programme’s training modules a ‘survival toolkit’, giving him valuable tools with which to navigate his career and personal life. As someone who expects a lot from himself and the company he works for, he wants to use this year to its full potential, finding out where he can add the most value as a happy, motivated employee. Kieran is full of praise for our mentorship programme saying, ‘It’s impossible to understate the value that my mentor has added to my experience on the Programme. Tapping into the experience of someone who has successfully navigated the corporate world has equipped me with an even deeper skill set for the rest of my professional life.’

Carla Eskinazi
‘The first thing I noticed at Dimension Data was how open and friendly the culture was. We were enthusiastically welcomed into the organisation and our colleagues have been more than willing to give their time to mentor and guide us. There’s a real sense of fun in our company culture, making it a place that I’m happy to return to every day.’

Carla joined the Graduate Programme with an eagerness to learn about every aspect of our business, from clients to our corporate values and global strategy. Setting herself a goal of being open to learn about the business and to gain a well-rounded view of Dimension Data through the different rotations, Carla is committed to actively contribute to the company’s performance in the future. With the help of her mentor, Carla is well on her way to shaping her career path at Dimension Data.

Ebrahim Adam
‘The high-performance culture of the organisation means that a career at Dimension Data promises to be challenging and engaging. From the day I became a Dimension Data employee, I’ve been able to build relationships with people at all levels within the organisation. I’ve learnt to value relationships and to work on, build and respect these valuable professional connections.’

Ebrahim has truly embraced what our Graduate Accelerate Programme has to offer. From extensive training sessions and guidance in progressing from student life to corporate life, to rotating through the Lines of Business and learning about the inner structures and processes of the organisation. One of the reasons Ebrahim chose Dimension Data’s Graduate Accelerate Programme is our commitment to our clients. ‘The client-centricity of the business, coupled with the message “Dimension Data places our clients at the centre of everything that we do,” is what really attracted me to this programme.’

Trishaul Reddy
‘I believe the phrase “Work hard. Play hard” accurately captures the Dimension Data work culture. Spend only a few minutes in the corridors, and you’ll realise that this company is bursting with people who simply love what they do, a fact that is mirrored by the level of professional excellence in every facet of the business.’

As a graduate with minimal work experience, Trishaul started his Graduate Programme with a willingness to learn everything about our business. Starting with extensive training focused on Dimension Data as a company, Trishaul has been exposed to key aspects of our business. His experience so far has been inspiring. ‘Every second of every day is a constant reminder of the value Dimension Data places in its employees, and the Graduate Programme is no exception. From the time invested in us by the senior managers and directors of the company, to the numerous mentors and buddies to whom we’ve been assigned during the Programme – it’s a life-changing experience.’

Lindinhlanhla Mngadi
‘At Dimension Data, people are hired for their skills as well as their ability to fit into the company culture. This brings different people with a similar work ethic together, ensuring authentic connections with colleagues who share the same goals and passion for personal growth.’

When Dimension Data selected Lindinhlanhla for the Graduate Programme, she knew she wanted to make the most of the opportunity and decided to absorb as much information as possible. ‘I was excited about interacting with people who are willing and able to share knowledge gained from their life and careers.’ Praising her mentor for helping her to set realistic goals, and sharing expertise to reach them, Lindinhlanhla has grown significantly since joining the Programme – on a personal and professional level. She instantly became part of the Dimension Data culture and, once she’s completed the Graduate Programme, she sees herself becoming part of its dynamic sales team.

Madula Ngwasheng
‘The culture at Dimension Data is entrepreneurial, competitive and professional and the people go beyond their call of duty to help and guide you.’

‘When I applied for the Graduate Programme I expected to learn a lot and use this knowledge throughout the Programme and my career,’ says Madula. Looking back at her time in the Programme so far, she is happy to report that all her expectations have been met, especially the focus on training and insights into the business. Our mentors are the backbone of this Programme and Madula agrees saying, ‘Coming from an IT background I didn’t know much about marketing or sales, so I relied on my mentor a lot. Having a mentor by your side as you go through rotations is comforting, knowing that you have someone as your sound board and coach.’

Join our Graduate Programmes – How to apply

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our great team. Here’s some guidance as to what we look for in our candidates.

The formalities

Before we go any further, it’s important to check that you fulfill the following criteria. You should:

  • ​have citizenship or a work permit for the country in which you’re applying
  • have no more than three years’ full-time work experience after graduation
  • have a relevant university degree or national diploma, depending on the programme you’re applying for
  • be willing to relocate within the country of application if required

The good stuff

We’re looking for applicants with a wide range of skills, but we’ll be looking at the following specific areas:

Academic achievement

We’ll consider a variety of aspects in your academic background, such as grades, degree/diploma level, languages spoken, special projects and awards or scholarships you’ve received. Although we need people from a wide range of backgrounds, we typically employ people with the following academic training:

  • ​​engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil, software, telecommunications, etc.)
  • sciences (computer and information sciences, applied mathematics, information technology, information systems, etc.)
  • business (finance, human resources, marketing, etc.)
 Top academic achievement and high grades are a plus, but they’re not the only things we look for. We also consider personal attributes, extracurricular activities and work experience.

Personal attributes

Some of the personal attributes we seek are:

  •  a good fit for the company i.e. ability to live the Dimension Data values (teamwork, client commitment, professional excellence, multi-cultural strength, partnership and proactivity)
  • strong interpersonal skills and leadership potential
  • ability and willingness to develop required technical and business skills
  • academic ability
  • willingness to grow and learn in your career
  • commitment and enthusiasm

Extracurricular activities

The extra things you do outside of school, work or studies can set you apart from other candidates. Being involved in your school or community reveals a lot about your character. It also helps you develop skills that are very important to employers such as leadership, teamwork, communication, organisational ability and time management. Have you ever been elected into a leadership position? Have you volunteered for community work? Have you been involved in social clubs or groups? Have you worked as a tutor, counsellor, coach or teaching assistant? Have you participated in sports teams? Have you taken part in any academic or cultural competitions? All these things are of interest to your interviewer so make sure you mention them!

Work experience

This isn’t essential, but any work experience you have will help to build your confidence and broaden your horizons. We’ll consider any internships, part-time work or summer programmes you were involved in. Entrepreneurial ventures, however small, can also provide excellent opportunities to gain important skills such as project management, communication, business acumen and technical skills.

How we decide

Successful candidates will undergo a selection process to determine the best fit within our organisation. The selection process follows these simple steps:

  • ​online application
  • psychometric assessments
  • first interview with Human Resources
  • second interview with Hiring Manager
  • third interview with General Manager
  • background checks

How to Apply?

As there are a number of different graduate programmes, based on the country of application, you can always email us for further information or apply for a specific programme via RecruitmentQueries@za.didata.com and we’ll get back in touch. We are now accepting resumes for our 2014 roles.