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The growing number of over-the-top Internet service providers that reap the benefits of third-party networks is causing disruption in telecommunications services.

Are these cheaper services cannibalising your revenue as a service provider? Do your customers have an increasing appetite for these cheaper applications and subscriptions? How do you reduce costs in your network and quickly ramp up your services portfolio, while still keeping up with intense competition?



Dimension Data understands that to innovate and bring new services to market quicker, you need more flexibility, elasticity, and agility in your network. We have the global capability to support you through this market evolution, applying our skills in the following areas:

  • Software-defined networking and network functions virtualisation: These advancements enable you to add software layers on top of basic infrastructure, giving you the ability to choose the best functionality for your needs, at the most competitive price, all from different technology sources.
  • Cloud: Our OneCloud Partner Programme enables you to launch cloud services under your own brand in weeks.
  • Data centre: Our teams will assist you to evolve your data centre into a modern-day business response centre.
  • Security: Our security teams will ensure your network is protected against unwelcome and constantly evolving security threats


Business issues and challenges

 Business issues and challenges

Dimension Data understands that you need more agility to keep pace with new challengers in your market. We'll help you accelerate your journey by helping you overcome challenges that may include:

Operational challenges: We’ll ensure that your network availability remains high, help you integrate new services and products seamlessly, and drive automation while reducing vendor dependency.

Business challenges: We empower you with technologies and services that enable you to keep pace with intense competition, cooperate with over-the-top providers, develop new services and products faster, and improve your time-to-market.

Subscriber challenges: We’ll work with you to better serve your subscriber base and meet their expectation for secure services, at the lowest possible cost.


Transforming networks

 Transforming networks

We believe in a three-tiered approach to transforming your network to better perform: virtualisation, modernisation, and optimisation.

Virtualise: We can implement network functions virtualisation, and provide monitoring and automation, all backed by our Service Provider Cloud offering. This gives you greater flexibility and cost savings, and accelerates your time-to-market.

Modernise: We can assist you to take advantages of the benefits of software-defined networking, and simplify and standardise your data centre. This enables you to lower your hardware and maintenance costs, accelerate your time-to-market, and achieve higher service availability.

Optimise: Through our analytics solutions and security infrastructure orchestration and consolidation capabilities, we help you to optimise
operational efficiency and accountability, improve your customer service levels, while ensuring compliance and transparency.


Our skills and expertise

 Our skills and expertise

Dimension Data is uniquely positioned to support global and regional communication services providers with:

  • the systems integration expertise to modernise and replatform legacy applications
  • the data centres, platforms, and connectivity needed to host infrastructure and transition clients to the cloud
  • the proven managed security services to safeguard customer data and ensure regulatory compliance

We have longstanding relationships with service provider clients, going back 20 years. Our clients include the majority of the tier 1 communication service providers across 57 countries.

As part of the NTT Group, we are:

  • global leader for Managed Security Services
  • world’s largest Data Centre provider
  • world’s second  largest IP backbone provider
  • top 10 in marine cable


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