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The Tour de France

Europe | France | Sport | Cybersecurity

A next-generation security solution for the Tour de France

Our security solution has helped A.S.O. to revolutionise the Tour de France viewing experience without compromising data security

Download this case study (pdf, 142.93KB)


A.S.O. had to find a way to protect sensitive data, the online channels delivering that data, and the organisation itself, from cyberattacks

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The security solution has evolved since 2015. In 2018 it’s centralised and cloud-based, allowing the team to monitor and manage all aspects of security

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Our solution provides A.S.O. with the freedom to continue their digital transformation, and enables the use of new technologies to keep fans and followers engaged

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Why A.S.O. needs comprehensive cybersecurity for the Tour de France

Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), organiser of the Tour de France, has a number of security concerns relating to this high-profile event. It has to protect sensitive data, the online channels delivering that data, and the organisation itself, from cyberattacks.

In 2015, A.S.O. decided to bring the Tour de France even closer to fans and followers by using data gathered from individual riders to provide new insights into the race. These insights tell any number of compelling stories about the strategies and tactics involved in competing in this iconic event. 

Tracking devices fitted under each bike’s saddle measure the rider’s speed, position in the peloton, and the distance between riders throughout each stage. The sensitive nature of this data and high profile of the race expose A.S.O. to numerous risks: the data itself is extremely valuable and, in the wrong hands, could cause immense financial or reputational damage to A.S.O., Race Center, the data website, could also be targeted.

Any security measures geared at preventing this from happening must be in real-time and effective, protecting A.S.O.’s data and platforms without disruption or delay, to maintain the excitement of viewing real-time statistics throughout the race.

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How the security posture of the Tour de France has evolved

The security solution for the Tour de France has evolved since we became the Official Technology Partner, in 2015. Since then, additional layers of security have been incorporated to enhance security within and beyond the firewall.

What started as a basic, on-premise solution in a closed environment, with a web application firewall, has progressed to incorporate additional layers of security from year to year. We now deploy a centralised, entirely cloud-based solution that enables the team to monitor and manage all aspects of security from one place.

Threat monitoring has improved, resulting in better threat analysis and faster responses to potential breaches, and 2018 saw the inclusion of a predictive intelligence platform that’s integrated with NTT’s Managed Security Service. This real-time threat-management service will provide visibility of threats beyond the firewall. Contextualised intelligence and machine learning will be used to identify and diagnose any threats, determine their potential impact, and help the team decide on and rapidly implement a course of action.
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What a next-generation security solution means for the viewing experience

Our security solution includes multiple security controls across all infrastructure and services, with predictive intelligence for threats beyond the firewall. This allows A.S.O. to continue using real-time data to revolutionise the viewing experience, without compromising the security of that data.

We bring together security technologies from leading vendors and use multiple protocols to deploy security controls across the environment, from the end point to the data, over the network, and through the data centre.

Central monitoring and management tools provide greater visibility into, and coverage of, the threat landscape, both within and beyond corporate boundaries. This means security analysts can make better-informed decisions about how to adjust security controls across the environment, in a coordinated manner, to prevent attacks.

For A.S.O., these important developments mean that security doesn’t inhibit digital transformation. Rather, the security solution will enable the accommodation of even bigger data and the new, next-generation technologies A.S.O. will deploy to keep fans and followers engaged.

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