The mysteries of the universe are there to be unveiled

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Answering cosmic questions

‘We have a rough idea but we don’t know the details.’

Lars Åke Nyman - Head of Department of Science Operations, ALMA

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Collecting data in a remote location

What does it take to deliver useful scientific information?

‘We’re making a huge effort to unveil the mystery of the universe, and you never know what you will find.’

Cristóbal Achermann - IT Project Manager, ALMA
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To avoid interference, the best sites for collecting data are isolated and remote

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The data collected is digitised before being stored, making it easier to share

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The data that ALMA collects is unique and therefore invaluable to the science community

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Weather extremes mean that a robust network is critical

A solid foundation for new discoveries

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The best site on earth

‘Every year we receive a lot of applications to use this facility. And that’s the goal. That’s our mission.’


Data collection
Data storage
Network uptime

Network downtime
Insufficient storage

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The perfect partnership

‘Dimension Data provides us with all the expertise we don’t have – and we don’t need to have.’

Transforming science in a digital world with…

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Digital infrastructure

The robust network infrastructure and virtualisation solutions enable ALMA to gather, store, and distribute the information they need.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure.

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Digital workplace

While facilitating the flow of data, the network supports the 200 employees at the support centre, located 1,500m lower and 30km away from the array.

Learn how you can embrace your employee workstyles with digital workplace.

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Secure networks and data flow ensure the reliability and security of the information collected by ALMA and shared to the global science community.

Learn how your business can risk less and achieve more with cybersecurity.

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More about ALMA’s scientific success

‘Dimension Data helped us achieve our goal to provide the best data possible back to the scientific community.’

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ALMA relays data to scientists across the globe who are probing the mysteries of the universe.

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