Mom-and-pop stores can thrive in a digital world

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Why should family stores move to digital?

It’s the future of retail

‘Mom-and-pop stores like ours that haven’t converted to this type of business aren’t around anymore.’

Allan Hirsch - CEO of Hirsch's
Access new larger customer

Access new, larger customer base

Younger generations shop online

Gain flexibility

Gain flexibility, scalability

Cope better with retail peaks and lows

Broader range

Offer broader range

Wider choice of products and features offered online

Personalised marketing

Personalise marketing

Ability to push relevant, individualised sales messages

An e-commerce solution based on family values?

‘Maximum security of customer data builds trust.’

Gavin Singh - E-commerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Hirsch’s

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Taking retail into the digital world with...

Digital infrastructure icon

Digital infrastructure

Capturing and capitalising on customer sales data, with cloud for scalability during sales peaks.

Learn how to drive business agility with digital infrastructure.

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Customer experience icon

Customer experience

Using the cloud to give customers 24/7, personalised, secure online access to products and services.

Learn how you can create valuable relationships with customer experience.

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Cyber security icon


Shielding digital assets to ensure lockdown of customer details.

Learn how your business can risk less and achieve more with cybersecurity.

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Now Mom and Pop can rule cyberspace


Bigger and better

Transitioned into a national brand, taking all its values online against all odds.


Double down on digital

Moved to hybrid retail, combining best of brick and mortar with digital, in two weeks.


Exclusive access

Gave customers 24-hour, secure, personalised access to products and services.

More about Hirsch’s route to online shopping

‘The technology gives us so much power to give customers what they need.’

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Hirsch’s improves reach and flexibility

Transforming customer experiences and business outcomes with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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More about serving customers better with cloud

Combining public and private cloud in your hybrid IT approach

Here’s the latest research about the challenges of hybrid IT and how to overcome them.

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About cloud

How it helps you respond smarter and faster

How First Choice Global also gained value from the cloud

Another African start-up, but from the financial services industry, broke new ground in customer experience.

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