Word on the street

Anathi Stofile:

“The Dimension Data Graduate Programme was the perfect preparation and induction into the working world for me. It made my transition from the classroom into the office a seamless and exciting experience.


The one thing about the programme that was most appealing and beneficial to me was the exposure to the various career paths that exist within the organisation. I was given the opportunity to rotate and try various areas of the business to help me find the area I was most comfortable in. This exposure was invaluable as it enabled me to learn about the company, build a solid network of contacts and help me decide what it is that I really wanted to focus on. The opportunities for expansion and development, from a personal and career perspective, are endless.


Dimension Data’s high performance culture and passionate people create a vibrant and accommodating environment to work in. On the other hand, the diversity of challenges I often encounter always push me to bring out the best in myself.”



Keenan Stewart:

“My experience of the graduate programme helped me build a solid platform to fast track my career path after I completed my studies at University. The programme focused a lot on incorporating Dimension Data values, up skilling and also building a network base that helped with my personal and professional development. Working with self-motivated, passionate and team orientated people kept me motivated to always do my best. It’s definitely a stepping stone for future career aspirations.”


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