Managed Web Application Firewall

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Managed Web Application Firewall
The Dimension Data Web Application Firewall Service offers a managed solution for the efficient monitoring and management of Web application firewall devices. Delivered through market-leading technology, proven processes, and skilled people, the Service simplifies the use of Web application firewall technology. It helps protect online applications against sophisticated application-level attacks, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting, and the theft and leakage of data from online applications. It also satisfies the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) application security requirement.

Dimension Data’s Managed Web Application Firewall Service complements application strategies and investments. These include:

  • the secure software development lifecycle
  • code review
  • application tests
  • network-centric security investments, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and database and log management technologies

As part of the Managed Web Application Firewall Service, Dimension Data will review and integrate application scanning and testing results into the Web application firewall. This creates a more accurate web application firewall policy, and drives a more efficient response process while reducing false-positives. Additionally, the Service can help facilitate a feedback loop to application development.