Business Process Management

Do you find that your organisation is struggling to keep up with the demand of your Business Process Management (BPM) challenges or struggling to evolve your BPM strategies? Are you continually looking at ways to optimise your business processes to service your customer better and make employees more productive? 

As markets change your business objective needs adjust these market dynamics. Business cycles are becoming coming shorter and the ability to be agile is becoming a competitive advantage. This change and need for the business to be more agile creates problems for many of the applications that are used in businesses where the processes are codified within the application.  




​Your organisation is unique and one size doesn't fit all, each solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements while applying the learning's of previous engagements to your business' unique requirements.

Our consulting services can help you evolve your Business Process Management (BPM) strategies and use a multi-vendor approach to deliver technologies that help your business implement their strategies successfully.

Our BPM services help you to implement and optimise your strategies around:

  • Forms
  • Process Engine
  • Business Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Access




 Our Business Process Management services and technologies enable you to:

Improve process quality.
​​Improve customer experience.
​Improves customer satisfaction.
Drive continuous process improvement.
Reduces costs.
​Improves business agility. 
What we offer

 Gain a greater understanding of how we can help you with your Business Process Management (BPM) strategies with the following services:

Business Process Planning Services: Dimension Data leverages a proven methodology to engage business units to iteratively and continuously improve areas within our business processes which return real value to the business. These methodologies can be adopted by your own organisation to create a centre of excellence for continuous business improvement.
BPM Maturity Assessment: We can help your business understand where your maturity is currently at and where it can go around a range of technology factors.
Technology Assessment: We will work with you to determine what technologies are required to fulfil your BPM technology requirements.




Why work with Dimension Data?


  • We have extensive experience in architecture, design and governance of business process management technologies.
  • We have the most advanced Microsoft certifications for collaboration including global Gold Competencies in Portals and Collaboration, Content Management, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Server Platform, Identity and Security, Messaging and Communications.
  • 78% of Global Fortune 100 companied and 59% of Global Fortune 500 companies are our clients.
  • We use our expertise in networking, converged communications, security, Microsoft solutions, data centre and contact centre technologies – and our specialist skills in consulting, integration and managed services – to create customised solutions for your specific BPM requirements.