2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report


Cybersecurity insights for protecting your digital business

The Executive’s Guide to the 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report provides insights on the latest security threats and offers recommendations for protecting your organisation from cybersecurity incidents.

The Report will:

  • demonstrate the impact of today’s threats against every kind of organisation around the world
  • help you understand what the most important threats are, and how they work
  • emphasise actions management, technical staff, and users can take to improve cybersecurity

 Governance, risk and compliance

IT governance, risk management and compliance remain the most challenging organisational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain. Few businesses have the internal resources and visibility required to formulate clear processes and policies around governance risk and compliance.



A poor focus on processes and policies affects your ability to:

  • achieve and maintain compliance standards in line with your industry or country requirements
  • manage security to industry standards such as ISO 27000
  • standardise to best practice standards across systems and locations
  • measure and report on risk posture and security governance status
  • effectively budget and spend on controls that may not be relevant
  • enforce security policy
  • share metrics with the business to align IT security with the rest of your organisation

Our approach to assisting you to meet your IT governance, risk and compliance objectives would typically begin with an assessment of your current state in areas such as:

  • risk management
  • ISO 27000 gap analysis
  • vulnerability management  

Dimension Data's Governance, Risk and Compliance Assessment provides you with a rounded view of your current IT security risk profile against the industry standard risk indices of confidentiality, integrity, availability and audit.  It's designed to enable you to make informed decisions regarding immediate priorities … as well as strategic business plans to improve security, determine return on investment and manage risk. 

A discussion about your governance, risk and compliance may uncover the need for our Managed Secure Infrastructure Services, which assist you in the operational management of your security infrastructure. 




 With a rounded view of your current IT security risk profile, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of increased efficiencies and measureable results, such as:

fewer resources required to collect and analyse data
the ability to identify critical risks in your technology environment
​better communication with all stakeholders in metric-based business language
standardised and controlled best practice across systems and locations
faster, cheaper and better regulatory audits and risk assessments
focused technology spend – you can apply the right controls to the right systems
What we offer

 Our security teams can assist you realise your IT governance, risk and compliance goals through the following services:

Our Security Architecture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls.
Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment: This engagement will give you complete understanding of, and visibility into, the security health of your networking environment. 
Managed Secure Infrastructure Service: Leave it to us to provide end-to-end operational management of your IT and security assets. 
Uptime Support and Maintenance: We provide proactive, multi-vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximise the availability of your IT estate while optimising your total IT support spend


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    Why work with Dimension Data?


    • We're the world's largest security integrator by revenue.
    • Dimension Data has an impressive track record for delivering IT security, governance risk and compliance solutions and services in different markets all over the world.
    • Our specialist consultants can assist with strategic security management consulting, ISO270001 compliance, PCI readiness assessments and certification, business impact analysis, threat and risk assessment and related policies and procedures.
    • Our technical expertise, capabilities and certifications span multiple vendors including Cisco, Blue Coat,Check Point, Intel Security and Palo Alto Networks.