OneCloud partners

​​​Dimension Data engages with its strategic alliance partners to provide clients with access to the latest technologies and premium technical support. Our relationships also provide advanced training opportunities for our employees. This allows us to provide specialist IT infrastructure solutions that help you accelerate your ambitions.

Dimension Data's OneCloud Partner Programme is a global cloud partnership programme that enables service providers, educational institutions, government agencies and trading communities to rapidly bring new cloud services to market. The programme expedites time-to-market for selected partners.

Developing and launching a new cloud service for a service provider is difficult. While it's easy to buy cloud infrastructure (hardware and software), it's difficult to integrate and build all the online automation that's required to create a full-featured service which is easy to use  – and secure enough to satisfy security-conscious end users. Our partners can leverage our Provider Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering to bring to market cloud services under their own brand.

Benefits of the programme

Benefits of the Dimension Data OneCloud Partner Programme include:

  • reducing the time it takes to bring enterprise-class cloud services to market, thereby reducing time-to-revenue
  • reducing costs involved with developing, implementing, integrating and supporting cloud platforms
  • shortening the time it takes to see a return on investment
  • gaining access to Dimension Data's global network of Managed Cloud Platforms
  • leveraging the Dimension Data ecosystem of partners

To view our OneCloud Partner Programme Guide, click here.  For more information about our OneCloud Partner Programme, please contact

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