Data centre networking

Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of networks and data centres is an ongoing challenge. You need to provide a consistent, reliable infrastructure that allows your business to be competitive, agile, and responsive. Yet, more devices are brought into your environment, running more applications and requiring greater speed. You also face challenges such as constant application changes, hyper convergence, mobility, the Internet of Things, and cloud.

Dimension Data helps you transform your data centre network by modernising your technology, automating your operations, and reviewing and adjusting your financial and consumption models.​​






  • Enabling the next generation data centre

    ​​​​The pundits all have an answer on the future vision of IT, but no enterprise is there today nor likely to be at that future state any time soon.  Reality is today's IT budgets are dominated by data centre infrastructure spending and resources to manage those centres.  How does an enterprise plan their data centre to meet immediate needs and not overspend as the hybrid model takes root?



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Transforming your data centre network will deliver these benefits:
  • reduced cost
  • improved performance
  • more space​​​​
  • improved security
  • improved sustainability ​
For your IT division, it also means:
  • reduced complexity
  • fewer network devices in the environment
  • transformation through software-defined networking or network virtualisation
  • improved operations of your infrastructure​

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 Transform to Better Perform

​​ ​​​​​
​​Turn your data centre into a response-able business asset

Transform to Better Perform
is a global knowledge transfer initiative developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network in partnership with Dimension Data. It is dedicated to helping business leaders, IT organisations, data professionals and technology providers explore the transformation of the data centre into cloud-based environments that meet today’s business needs.

Dimension Data is offering you the opportunity to be a part of this initiative. Click here to learn more or to sign up to receive updates.

What we offer


  • Data centre and software-defined networking consulting services – We review your existing network and recommend a future architecture that supports your business objectives.
  • Extensive data centre networking hardware and software skills – We build a robust network architecture for your data centre with specialist network hardware and software-defined networking where appropriate.
  • Transformational enterprise and managed services – We review your existing people, processes, and technology, provide recommendations to improve operational effectiveness, and offer flexible financial models. Our Managed Services for Enterprise Networks enable you to operate your entire networking infrastructure more effectively. Through our global platform we provide continuous service with committed service level objectives.​​
Latest thinking


Case studies


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​World’s first Cloud-enabled G20 Leaders’ Summit
    Dimension Data was awarded the contract to deliver and support the G20 network and desktop environment, known as G-Net. The overarching goal was for technology to be an enabler to the event: flawless connectivity and virtual desktop experience for media and delegates was fundamental to the event’s success.​

  • ​​​​​​​​​​How we helped Fujifilm keep its customers’ special memories safe
    In a world of cell phones and social media, Fujifilm wanted to give its customers instant and easy access to their photographic memories and special moments, from anywhere and any device, with the least amount of risk.

Why work with Dimension Data?


30-year heritage in networking
Global footprint: 58 countries
Multi-vendor, including Cisco, F5, Riverbed, and Infoblox
Support over USD 15 billion in network assets
More than 6,000 clients served by 6 Global Service Centres