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How technology will accelerate your digital business


You believe you can grow and expand your business. You know your business, your markets and you know you need an IT Infrastructure to enable you to achieve.

To thrive as a digital business, you need the flexibility to adapt to changes and stay ahead of the curve. The technology services you need may change over time, or may vary across different areas of your environment. 

You may not have the IT skills and knowledge in house, but Dimension Data can help you with solutions and services for your office Network Infrastructure, your Communications and Collaboration needs, and secure your network and data both from inside and outside the office.

Thinking of moving to Cloud and looking at a Digital business strategy, our experts can ensure you are ready for anything.

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As a growing small or medium sized business,
this is your time for greatness.


​Access to leading edge technology has never before been easier, nor more affordable.  

​​Now demand more from your IT and not limit yourself to just small-business solutions.

Through innovation, you too can compete more effectively and accelerate your ambition.


About Dimension Data

 We can help!

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​Dimension Data offers a range of IT solutions and services for your small or medium sized business.

Your journey to greatness starts here. Learn more about our solutions for:


Digital Infrastructure

Build a digital network that caters for your future business growth


Protect your business in an era of borderless networks

Workspaces for tomorrow

Drive effective engagement and collaboration between your employees and customers  

Digital infrastructure

 Digital infrastructure

Speak to us about all your IT networking needs. From wired, to wifi to cloud managed, we have it covered.  
A WiFi network may be much more flexible than a wired one, and cheaper also – but how is yours doing on performance?
WiFi connections that run slowly or drop frequently are more a hindrance than a boost to your business. If your network struggles with present demands, it can’t take you forward with new technologies like unified communications and BYOD.
Stop grappling with weak signals and congested bandwidth. Up your wireless standard. Make your network deliver not just connectivity – but results.


  • Enable next-gen networking
  • Optimise your critical applications
  • Unlock significant cost savings
  • Refresh aging WiFi and improve your wireless performance instantly Kickstart new working models, such as mobile computing
  • Pay per square metre, based on your office dimensions


Security shouldn’t be a compromise. As your business grows, so do the challenges in keeping it safe – but this doesn’t mean cutting corners elsewhere.
Give your business the protection it needs to operate and grow with confidence in the era of borderless networks 
Tap the benefits of mobility, cloud, and other new technologies, while staying above their security complexities.  
Safeguard your business and brand reputation in a rapidly evolving threat landscape – without the costs and hassle.


  • Built on advanced firewall technology
  • Minimises risk while preserving network speed
  • Complete visibility and control for administrators
  • Dimension Data can get you started on the road to a secure business in less than 2.5 days.
  • Identifies both known and unknown threats
  • Gives tiered control over web and social media activity
  • Easy to deploy and manage
Workspaces for tomorrow


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Workspaces for tomorrow


There are so many ways for a business to communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally. But how do you cut down the cost of communications without affecting performance?


You can! Phone calls, video conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging – consolidate them, connect your people better and cut down on operational costs. Extend the same perks to your new help desk or contact centre.


  • Put all communication channels on one scalable platform
  • Facilitate ‘anywhere, anytime’ work and collaboration
  • Reduce the need to travel, and save time and costs


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