Engaging employees

Climate change is one of the greatest threats we face. It transcends national boundaries and can affect us all in many different ways.  Information and communications technology can play a powerful role in tackling climate change and shaping the way we do business. We've committed to play a leading role in protecting our environment while maximising economic stability. 

Our aim is to create more sustainable ways of doing business. We seek to ensure the longevity of our own operations and of your business, and to make a difference to people's personal and professional lives. Sustainability at Dimension Data is about more than just being environmentally conscious: it's about guaranteeing future success.

​People are the cornerstone of Dimension Data’s success. The education, support and engagement of our employees are essential elements of our sustainability programme. We encourage interest in environmental matters and educate our employees on how Dimension Data’s solutions and services can help our clients realise their sustainability aspirations. Our employee engagement initiatives include:

  • We have a dedicated intranet portal with materials and resources on our sustainability strategy, programmes and solutions and services.
  • Our e-learning programme explains our sustainability drive and how employees can contribute.
  • Our regular internal communications provide updates on our progress at a regional and global level.


  • We hold regular competitions, for all employees globally, to encourage sustainable practices. Employees share photos and videos of sustainability events or projects, as well as ideas to help you move forward on your sustainability journey.
  • As part of our global promotion of Earth Hour, employees record their pledges to take environmentally friendly actions in support of the programme.
  • Our Grow Your Own Dinner competition promotes sustainable agriculture. Employees compete by cooking a meal using only ingredients they’ve grown themselves. The prize is a dinner for six, prepared by a qualified chef.  
  • We organise regular outings to an island in Sydney Harbour to clear out non-indigenous species and help our employees enjoy more contact with the environment.

Learn more about how our employees contribute to society and the environment through the Heads, Hearts and Hands programme.

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