Sustainability is about maximising your longevity in the market. Your organis​ation expects technology to help you find – and deliver – creative solutions that will have a positive impact on your bottom line ... while also meeting increasingly stringent regulations relating to environmental issues.

IT solutions that quantifiably reduce travel, energy and waste to lower costs and provide positive environmental benefits will help you create a sustainable business.



Organisations are turning to their IT departments to help drive transformational and sustainable change. They want to use technology to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, provide a better place for their employees to work and, in the process, minimise their impact on the environment. When it comes to sustainable IT solutions, we understand that you're looking at the big picture ... not just at 'green IT'.

We take a collaborative approach to providing solutions that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and at the same time deliver environmental benefits. We can also share our practical experiences in implementing in-depth sustainable solutions in large organisations across the globe.

We have expertise in both consulting and delivery. From designing data centres to provide maximum energy efficiency, to smart buildings that leverage the power of the network … we'll work with you to design the best solution for your business.





 Our sustainability strategy is to use IT solutions to reduce travel, energy and waste for our clients.

Our solutions help you meet your environmental and social sustainability objectives, while realising business benefits such as:

  • quantified reductions in travel costs, travel time and carbon emissions
  • increased energy efficiency in data centres and smart buildings – resulting in reduced energy costs
  • e-waste compliance, global consistency, predictable budgeting and greater operational efficiency through improved technology lifecycle management
  • greater productivity and better work-life balance for employees through collaboration and enterprise mobility solutions
What we offer

 ​Our sustainable solutions are a suite of key Dimension Data services that deliver tangible financial and environmental benefits, focusing on the following areas:

Travel reduction
Our services allow organisations to quantify and reduce the cost, time and carbon associated with travel, while allowing dispersed teams to work together effectively.

Energy efficiency
Our energy efficiency solutions include:

  • identifying and quantifying the energy savings within data centre equipment and facilities
  • 'smart buildings' that maximise energy efficiency and operational control through integrated systems
  • optimising the consumption and delivery of power through networking facilities

Waste management
Our global Technology Lifecycle Management Service helps our clients understand the entire lifecycle of their IT equipment, and ensures that electronic waste is disposed of in a secure, ethical and environmentally friendly manner.



Latest thinking


    What our clients say


    • ​​​​​Helping WWF create a sustainable workspace for the future
      Dimension Data’s strategic planning, consulting, and collaboration skills, supported by creative thinking have helped WWF achieve its goals for a new building.

    Why work with Dimension Data?


    Our broad and deep sustainability portfolio includes best-in-class expertise in smart buildings (in certain geographies) and extensive global experience in data centres.
    Our sustainable solutions provide both innovation and tangible economic and sustainability benefits – helping deliver results to your triple bottom line.
    Our experience is based on many years of advising global organisations – includi​ng our own – on using IT to improve sustainability.
    We've been recognised by independent analysts for our leading approach to sustainable technology services.
    Our clients benefit from the experience we’ve gained in implementing our own sustainability strategy. You can read more about our sustainability initiatives here.