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Transform to Better Perform is a global knowledge transfer initiative developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network in partnership with Dimension Data. It is dedicated to helping business leaders, IT organisations, data professionals and technology providers explore the transformation of the data centre into cloud-based environments that meet today’s business needs.

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 Server virtualisation

Server virtualisation is firmly entrenched in in the strategies of IT leaders. Like many organisations, it's likely that cost savings and the containment of capex spend were the initial driving forces behind the uptake of server virtualisation in your business.

But other drivers are now emerging: virtualisation improves business continuity and resilience, and can assist you in disaster recovery preparations. How can virtualisation position your business for cloud computing? How can you harness the power of server virtualisation to further reduce operational costs, improve automation and enhance business agility?

Now's the time to maximise the value of your server virtualisation initiatives.


 If you're looking to take server virtualisation to the next level in your business, we can help.

  • We're conversant in all leading server virtualisation technologies, without being tied to any particular vendor, which means we can recommend the right blend of solutions for your business.
  • Our deep domain expertise in networkingsecuritydata centres and Microsoft technologies enables us to consider all the touchpoints that virtualisation has within your environment.
  • Our expertise in data centre facilities, including power and cooling optimisation , allows you to maximise the impact of your server virtualisation projects.
  • We'll ensure that all data protection, backup and recovery considerations within your virtual environment are thoroughly addressed.
  • We'll assist you to optimise your management processes to maximise the improvements that virtualisation offers, through a thorough assessment of your IT service management capabilities.




 Our server virtualisation solutions will enable you to:

  • reduce capex expenditure
  • improve the availability of workloads
  • trim operating costs, through consolidation and / or elimination of physical servers
  • improve your readiness to take advantage of cloud models
  • be more agile and change your infrastructure to support new demands from your business and users

In addition, our approach offers you a number of advantages:

  • consultative, solution-based approach to understanding how the server environment can be optimised in order to deliver greater control and standardisation … while enabling end user flexibility and ensuring greater security and compliance.
  • An in-depth understanding of the infrastructure (network, data centre, storage, server) and end-user application workloads (Microsoft® Office, email, licensing) impacted by server virtualisation.  This gives you assurance that the end solution is properly designed, implemented and managed.
What we offer

 ​ Our server virtualisation services include:

  • Server Virtualisation Assessment: provides greater visibility into your IT infrastructure and allows your organisation to analyse, benchmark and predict capacity utilisation. It helps identify consolidation opportunities and model various scenarios, including virtualisation. 
  • Virtualisation Maturity Assessment: provides a holistic view of your data centre virtualisation maturity, covering areas such as the network, security, storage, backup, facilities, applications and workloads considerations for your cloud journey … helping you to extract maximum value from your virtualisation investment.
  • IT Service Management Assessment: identifies  inefficient or ineffective service management arrangements and identifies opportunities to improve service availability; it benchmarks your operational effectiveness covering people, processes, technology and governance.
  • Backup and Recovery Assessment: follows a process of discovery, analysis and recommendations across the three key areas of the backup and recovery environment.
  • Data Centre Networking Assessment: aimed at gathering the appropriate insights to allow us to guide you through the process of ensuring your current data centre network architecture and infrastructure will support your existing IT operations and continue to adapt to changing market dynamics and trends.
​ Our server virtualisation capabilities are complemented by our services in the following technology areas:
  • Data centres: Let us help you evolve and optimise your data centre environment. We'll work with you to deliver an efficient and agile IT infrastructure; one that enables you to deliver business services that are more automated and responsive than ever.
  • Data Centre Development Model: Through our Data Centre Development Model, we undertake a thorough assessment of all the critical domains associated with a successful data centre transformation, and – more importantly – help you ascertain which are most relevant to your business and its strategic goals.
  • Network: If you're virtualising your infrastructure, a thorough assessment of, and appropriate investment in, the network is critical. Ultimately, the user's cloud experience will only be as good as the transport layer. Find out how our performance optimisation services can assist.
  • Client computing: Learn more about how we can help you position your business to embrace the consumerisation of IT, mobility and bring-your-own device programmes.

Read more about how our virtualisation solutions  can assist you to transform your businesses.


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