one.biz Telecommunication Services

Fast, secure, reliable communications across multiple sites can give you a competitive edge. It can lower costs and boost productivity by enhancing collaboration among your teams, and connecting you with clients and suppliers.

But how do you enable great technology to can transform your business while keeping up with the pace of change? How do you avoid getting locked into a telecommunication contract that might be only temporarily good? How do you know that you're getting what you pay for?




one.biz, or Open Network Environment for Business, is an all-in-one, advanced, reliable and efficient communication service that enables New Zealand businesses to stay one step ahead in today's rapidly evolving technology environment.

With one.biz, your business will leverage best-of-breed services delivered using world-class technology, enterprise-class support, and a commitment to openness, predictability, transparency and care.

one.biz will enable you to take advantage of cloud-based offerings from Dimension Data and other third parties – for example hosted backup, network storage, archiving, hosted email, virtual desktop, hosted business applications, and more.


 The benefits of one.biz are:

  • cost-efficiency: offering competitive, predictable, flat-rate pricing model
  • enhanced business performance: more bandwidth for consistency, reliability and unlimited upload and download speeds
  • next-wave capability: a flexible platform for adopting the latest communications technologies
  • access to telecommunications expertise: in-depth knowledge and a strong track record in telecommunications
  • comprehensive services: full maintenance support, 24x7 helpdesk and full life cycle management of network infrastructure
  • a flexible platform: mix and match with services from other suppliers to achieve the best solution for your needs
  • enterprise-style support: web-based portal allows usability and visibility for constant management of network
  • transparent service: a ground-breaking web-based portal provides open access to near real-time information about your network's performance


What we offer

 The one.biz offerings include:

  • one.biz WAN: an all-inclusive WAN, capable of transferring voice, video and data traffic, for unrivalled connectivity. one.biz leverages the FX Networks' backbone, the first commercially available, independent, 10 Gbps inter-city fibre network in New Zealand
  • one.biz secure WAN: a secure WAN that provides encryption for sensitive information
  • one.biz Internet: high-speed unlimited Internet access delivering enhanced performance (a three-our movie can be sent from point to point in seven seconds)
  • one.biz voice gateway: enables you to connect to your preferred telecommunications provider through SIP, to lower trunk costs and access competitive call rates
  • one.biz email protection: a cloud-based email cleaning service that filters viruses, spam and malware from email
  • one.biz web protection: a cloud-based web cleaning service that lets you manage what sites your users visit and block malicious content being downloaded to your network