As a government agency, you're tasked with delivering high quality services to the citizens you serve. This means communicating proactively, responding to queries and concerns swiftly and collaborating effectively with other agencies, in real time.  However, more often than not this proves to be a challenge … our government is a highly distributed entity, with over 200 agencies.

It's likely that you're also concerned about the cost of your agency's ICT services, not to mention lack of consistent service levels.

Is it time you considered adopting a more lean and efficient model for network management, through a shared services model?



 one.govt is an innovative suite of telecommunications services developed by Dimension Data, in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs, to meet the unique needs of government agencies.

The service connects the offices of Government agencies using advanced technology.  You choose the services your agency needs from an all-inclusive suite that comprises:

  • a WAN capable of transferring voice, video and data traffic
  • high-speed Internet access
  • encryption for sensitive information
  • an inter-agency service that enables you to connect with other participating organisations
  • full service management, including a web-based portal that provides full visibility of how your network is performing in near real time

With one.govt, you pay only for what you need, making budgeting easy.

Already more than 40 agencies have joined one.govt, including the Department of Conservation, Ministry of Education, New Zealand Police and Department of Labour.


 one.govt delivers the following benefits:

  • Cost effective: lowest price on the market and it's getting cheaper − as more agencies join, discounts automatically apply across the board.
  • Simple: a flat-rate pricing model means there are no hidden fees or usage costs.
  • Comprehensive: the standard one.govt service comes with valuable built-in extras including a client demarcation router, router maintenance, and exceptional service management that combines a 24x7 helpdesk with nationwide field support.
  • Transparent: our web-based portal provides you with near real-time information about the network's performance.
  • Reliable: Dimension Data and its partner, FX Networks, have a proven track record of serving government and one.govt is already meeting or exceeding expected service levels.
  • Flexible: you're not locked into an exclusive contract and are free to use services provided by other companies to complement the one.govt service.
  • Future proof: one.govt provides a flexible platform for adopting the latest communications technology.


What we offer

 Our one.govt offerings include:

one.govt WAN: a fully managed WAN that provides a high-performance private network for each agency and that is capable of carrying voice, video and data traffic.

one.govt secure WAN: adds encryption to the standard WAN service, providing protection for agencies transferring sensitive data.

one.govt internet access: high-speed Internet services of up 1 Gbps with a flat rate tariff, delivering enhanced performance at a predictable cost.

one.govt inter-agency service: allows you to connect with other participating agencies, using a fully meshed network.

one.govt email and web protection services: cloud-based services that automatically block spam, phishing scams, viruses, and inappropriate content in the cloud, before it reaches your network.

one.govt voice gateway: allows you to lower your fixed telephony costs by using SIP trunks, and access the best call minute rates in the market.

one,govt video gateway: allows agencies to leverage the benefits of videoconferencing between organisations, without the need to invest in expensive hardware and without losing the high definition experience

one.govt SEEMail service: secures Internet email traffic between participating government agencies.

one.govt firewall: provides agencies with protection from internet threats, internal attacks and business to business connection risks; as a fully managed service, this frees agencies from the burden of implementing, monitoring and maintaining their own firewall infrastructure

one,govt also offers a 'secure on-ramp' for agencies to connect to hosted offerings and cloud services. It provides critical connectivity required to access the infrastructure as-a-service offerings that have been developed for all of Government.


Why work with Dimension Data?

 We've received the following awards for our one.govt solution:

Cisco Global Solution Innovation Partner of the Year 2010
Cisco Australia and New Zealand Innovation Partner of the Year 2010