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Software licensing can be a complex, time-consuming task.  It can potentially drain time and resources as a result of:

• multiple contracts with different software vendors
• complex procurement procedures for ordering and renewals
• inflexible reporting methods
• inaccessible pricing information

Without in-house experts who have in-depth knowledge of software licensing best practices and compliance, it’s difficult to maximise the value of your software investments.

Our software advisory services, enable you to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of your current software licence position.

  • Software services: Software assets are valuable business assets.Take a proactive approach to software services through Dimension Data’s full-services methodology. 
  • Software Asset Management: Improved cost control, better protection against risk and streamlined processes. These are just some of the advantages that an effective software asset management strategy can offer your business. Let us show you how.
  • Application Services: Learn how Dimension Data can help you develop an application strategy that’s adaptive to your evolving business needs and inclusive of licensing requirements.

We also offer comprehensive licensing procurement and contract management functionality through our licensing procurement platform, Dimension Data Direct​. This system can be integrated with your existing procurement or ERP systems, allowing you to complete your entire quote-to-order process through one portal, at any time.

Contact us to find out more about our software asset management approach.


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