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"Opportunities exist for graduates to do great things at Dimension Data. As graduates, we get exposed to hands-on job experience and problem solving, the opportunity to rotate between all the various lines of business, and be mentored and coached by the leading industry professionals. Dimension Data is a high-performance company with an open-door policy – where someone as ‘junior’ as a new graduate is able to walk into any executive’s or manager’s office to discuss just about anything. This is the kind of work environment that brings out the best in people." Eva Mothapo, Project Administrator, Dimension Data South Africa.

Through our one-year Graduate Programmes, we give talented graduates the chance to receive hands-on experience and on-the-job learning, exposure to clients, ICT projects and real-time problem solving. At the same time, graduates are constantly mentored and guided by leading industry professionals within Dimension Data. More than that, we give graduates the experience of being part of our great, global family.

For example, in South Africa, our one year programme ensures we provide young and exceptional professionals with the most advanced skills in various areas within the ICT industry. Graduates can follow either the technical or management route. Each year we recruit graduates from various South African recognised tertiary institutions to fill graduate or internship positions in Project Management, Account Management, Human Recourses, Help Desk, Network Engineering, Business Development, to name a few.

During the graduate programme, each graduate is partnered with a management-level staff member (as either a mentor or coach to guide them through the process of establishing their careers at Dimension Data). A coach is able to give practical instruction on a day to day basis.

The mentor, however, acts as a sounding board by asking questions, providing the graduate with guidance and direction and helping them find out their underlying needs and wants. Having discovered the objectives the mentor will again use powerful questioning to draw the graduate or intern to understand what must be done to achieve and how it could be done.

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