Dimension Data Advanced Infrastructure (DDAI) is a specialist building services and IT systems integrator that helps clients to plan, build, support and manage their building infrastructures. In October 2010, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), one of the largest global telecommunications service providers, acquired 100% of Dimension Data plc for GBP 2.1 billion, making Dimension Data a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTT Group.

Climate change is a growing concern for many global organisations, and Dimension Data remains committed to minimising our role in its varied causes. Although we’re not a manufacturer of goods, our operations have a part to play in addressing the causes of climate change, one of which is the emission of greenhouse gases.


From the consolidation and virtualisation of our own worldwide data centres to the implementation of our clients’ visual communications solutions that reduce the need for travel; we seek to ensure the longevity of our own operations, our clients’ businesses and our employees’ personal and professional lives. Dimension Data’s focus on sustainability is about more than just being environmentally conscious; it’s about guaranteeing future success.


Our organisation’s sustainability programme is based on three pillars:


Sustainable Solutions: The suite of solutions and services we offer our clients

Licence to Operate: Our own operations and sustainability credentials in the market

Employee Engagement: The support and education of our employees.