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Organisations that don't evolve their IT business models could miss future market opportunities
London, United Kingdom - 31 January 2017 - New research report reveals IT support staff are spending more time on service requests and issue resolution than innovation Read more

Dimension Data publishes IT Predictions for 2017
London, United Kingdom – 29 November 2016 - Dimension Data, the global ICT solutions and services provider, today published its top IT predictions for 2017, and the focus on digital is set to remain the key trend in the industry for the next 12 months. Read more

Connected Conservation makes headlines in The Straits Times in Singapore
24 November 2016 - Read how Connected Conservation uses technology to protect the rhino by tracking the movement of people. Today, the project made headlines in The Straits Times in Singapore. Read more

​​​​​​​Networks Getting Younger as Organisations Embrace Mobile Workforce Internet of Things and Software Defined Networking
London, United Kingdom – 9 November 2016 - Enterprises across the globe are refreshing their network equipment earlier in its lifecycle in a move to embrace workplace mobility, Internet of Things, and software-defined networking strategies. Read more