Contact center multi-channel and enterprise integration

With the shift from voice to digital customer contact channels, your contact center faces critical challenges. Optimized customer interaction through multiple customer touchpoints requires a robust multi-channel platform. This will ensure you continue to find and win new customers, as well as retain and grow your customer base.

The rapid rise in consumer and enterprise mobility adds to changing demands. With a host of new smartphones, tablets and voice over IP (VoIP) systems at their disposal, your customers can choose where, when and how they interact with your business. The impact of external social media platforms is also significant – these should also be fully incorporated into your multi-channel approach.




We have a track record of designing effective, flexible channel and enterprise integration solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of a multi-channel world. Through expert consultation, we help you define your multi-channel integration requirements and evaluate solutions. This creates clear and tangible business benefits that will align with your customer management strategy.

Our solutions and services cover the following areas:

  • social media: channel strategy and development; integration with other contact channels
  • self-service and automation: customer experience optimization, solution design, implementation and continual improvement
  • outbound contact: dialling strategy and technology
  • branch and back office: integration and process optimization
  • multi-channel interaction: platform selection, configuration, deployment and on-going development




  • 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report

    Digital crisis or redemption: The uncomfortable truth


 ​Implementing a robust channel and enterprise integration platform in your business can offer the following benefits:

measurable results in terms of winning new customers, retaining existing customers, improving productivity and reducing cost to serve
achieving and maintaining a consistently high level of customer experience

​connecting technology platforms and communication channels into one solution to deliver a consistent customer experience on any channel your customers choose
a risk-free multi-vendor environment with a clear roadmap to evolve multi-channel solutions over time
What we offer


Through discussion and interactive learning, our Contact Center Development Model helps you better understand your current stage of contact center development according to certain operational and strategic criteria. We then assist you in envisioning your desired future state, and create a detailed roadmap to take you there.

As a strategic consulting engagement, our Self-Service Assessment is designed to ensure that the technology applied enhances the customer experience and delivers operational productivity benefits.

We also offer a Social Media Development Model to enable you to assess your current capability and plot a roadmap for development that meets your long-term customer engagement objectives.

Our range of contact center solutions will help you optimize your contact center's performance and capabilities to manage the complete customer experience and drive higher revenues.


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Why work with Dimension Data?


  • We have extensive experience with many vendors in the multi-channel and enterprise integration market, including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Microsoft, Verint and NICE. 
  • Our consulting-led approach uses established, proprietary tools and resources such as the Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report and the Contact Center Development Model to deliver the best results.
  • We have experience in full IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing (BPO) deployments of multi-channel solutions.
  • We've delivered a range of commercial models, including premise-based, hosted and cloud solutions, giving you the flexibility to choose capex and opex options that suit your needs.
  • The experts on our team include solution architects experienced in multi-vendor environments.
  • We have practical experience in designing and using our own multi-channel solutions within the Dimension Data organisation.