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Turn your data center into a response-able business asset

Transform to Better Perform is a global knowledge transfer initiative developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network in partnership with Dimension Data. It is dedicated to helping business leaders, IT organizations, data professionals and technology providers explore the transformation of the data center into cloud-based environments that meet today’s business needs.

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 Data center facilities and relocation

Your business is putting greater pressure on the data centre to provide services faster ... while operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. Ageing technology, limited infrastructure and the high cost of facilities often make this difficult to achieve. If you're in the process of upgrading data center facilities, the ideal site for new data centers may not be immediately obvious. 

Virtualization, consolidation, automation and cloud may all be influencing your decisions about where to build your data centers, or even whether you build one at all.



Dimension Data's data center consolidation and relocation services enable you to minimize risk, while optimizing your data center resources and locations, with consideration of technology changes in the areas of virtualization and cloud.

We'll also work with you to optimize your power and cooling requirements and explore opportunities to make use of cloud services to better meet your corporate sustainability  objectives.

Our services cover:

  • data center relocation
  • power and cooling optimization
  • data center design
  • data center consolidation
  • data center modernization




  • Enabling the next generation data centre

    ​​​​The pundits all have an answer on the future vision of IT, but no enterprise is there today nor likely to be at that future state any time soon.  Reality is today's IT budgets are dominated by data centre infrastructure spending and resources to manage those centres.  How does an enterprise plan their data centre to meet immediate needs and not overspend as the hybrid model takes root?


 Our data center facilities and relocation services will enable you to:


  • reduce power and cooling costs
  • optimize your data center design
  • explore opportunities to save costs and boost efficiencies through consolidation
  • trim capex and opex through a cloud model


  • ensure that your data center locations support compliance requirements
  • extend the useful life of your ageing data centers
  • reduce energy consumption
What we offer


Gain a greater understanding of how to optimize your data center facilities through the following services:

  • Power and Cooling Assessment: We assist you to optimise power and cooling within your data center through a three-tiered approach: discovery, analysis and recommendation.
  • Data Center Relocation Services: We assist you with data center consolidation and relocation services which minimize risk while optimizing your data center resources and locations.
  • Data Centre Development Model: Through our Data Centre Development Model, we undertake a thorough assessment of all the critical domains associated with a successful data centre transformation, and – more importantly – help you ascertain which are most relevant to your business and its strategic goals.

Truly optimizing your data center facilities and locations calls for a focus on multiple technology areas. We can also support you with these solutions:

  • Sustainability: Dimension Data offers solutions designed to help you better manage your travel, energy and waste.  We help you integrate an environmental focus with plans to reduce cost and increase efficiency. 
  • Virtualization: Our server and storage virtualization solutions can enable you to deliver an agile, efficient data center that meets the requirements of your end users.


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We deploy data center solutions and services encompassing cloud infrastructure services, server, storage, virtualization and facilities in 40 countries.
We monitor and maintain server and storage infrastructure for global clients with supported locations in all major geographies.
We're VCE's top partner globally with implementations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.
We have the highest levels of certification with EMC, VMware, Cisco, NetApp, Citrix and Microsoft.
We've designed and built out the largest portfolio of tier 3 data centers in the world according to the Uptime Institute.