Desktop deployment and management

You're looking for a desktop environment that's secure, cost-effective and easy to administer. Since the release of Microsoft® Windows XP there have been many changes in the ways desktops can be deployed and managed. Like many businesses, you may view a migration to Microsoft® Windows 7 or Windows 8 as an opportunity to improve the overall desktop management lifecycle.

How do you implement a desktop strategy that meets the needs of the business, users and IT?




You need to balance a number of competing priorities such as cost, security and flexibility. Charting the way forward also requires that you consider the technical, organizational and legal nuances of your business.

Our approach involves moving away from the tightly bound, traditional desktop environment to a loosely coupled, optimized desktop stack that provides choices in terms of:

  • desktop device
  • application delivery
  • physical or virtual servers

With choice comes flexibility and agility. You can provide different technical solutions to different user groups to deliver the optimal experience.  You avoid the compromise of a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

We ensure that legacy infrastructure in your environment doesn't delay or derail your journey to an agile and optimized next-generation desktop. We've developed a number of solutions – such as application and Microsoft® Office file migrations – to help remove common stumbling blocks.




 With Dimension Data’s desktop deployment and management capabilities you can:

Optimize the desktop with a new standard operating environment 
Replace monolithic desktops with agile tiered environments that support flexibility in how they are delivered and managed.​

Improve the desktop lifecycle with the latest management tools
You benefit from tools that can manage the end-to-end desktop lifecycle from deployment through to management and retirement.
Take advantage of advances in desktop virtualisation
We implement desktop virtualization technologies where it makes sense, to improve flexibility and end user experience.

Remove common inhibitors to deployment
Implement proven approaches for migration of applications and legacy Microsoft® Office files.
What we offer

 We’ve applied our expertise and solutions to migrate over five million desktops worldwide. Our services include:

Desktop Deployment Planning Services:
a consultative approach to designing and deploying a new standard operating environment, including a structured, pragmatic approach to migrating your applications and Microsoft® Office legacy files.

Desktop Virtualization:
a tiered approach to desktop management, leveraging virtualization technologies to ensure a modular and stable environment.

Client Computing :
extend the desktop experience securely, delivering the applications necessary to drive your business anytime, anywhere and on any device.


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    Why work with Dimension Data?


    • We provide consulting and deployment services based on proven best practices, methodologies and industry experience.
    • We have more than a decade of experience delivering successful desktop deployments to domestic,multinational and global clients  deploying more than 5 million Windows desktops.
    • We are experts in Windows 7 deployment and Windows 8 deployment.
    • We are a Global Alliance Partner with both Microsoft and Citrix, and hold the highest levels of certifications for these technologies.
    • We've received 14 Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in eight years, including five for desktop deployment and systems management.

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