Messaging applications are core to your organization's ability to communicate and collaborate internally and with clients and partners. So, zero downtime and high availability of your infrastructure are critical. Yet, deployment, administration and management of your messaging system can consume valuable and costly resources.

What is your messaging strategy? How are you ensuring uptime, performance and access to the most current technologies for email and instant messaging? Are your assets on-premise or in the cloud? Perhaps a mixture of both? Or are you still determining the best approach?



Our messaging solutions  drive efficiency through a unified approach, and reduce costs by optimizing your messaging and communications infrastructure. This is achieved by deploying, integrating and managing email, instant messaging, presence and unified messaging platforms.

Our consulting, professionalcloud andmanaged services, help you to:

  • design the right messaging environment for your organization on-premise or in the cloud
  • migrate messaging workloads from platforms like Lotus Notes and Groupwise to Cisco Jabber, Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® Lync, our Cloud Services for Microsoft , or Microsoft® Office 365
  • construct the best licensing strategy for your messaging assets – no matter where they reside
  • keep up-to-date on the most recent technologies and best practices, continuously optimizing your environment




 By engaging us to design and deploy the most advantageous messaging solution for your organization, you can look forward to these business benefits:

Reduced cost:
you're able to consolidate your infrastructure, free valuable internal resources, use more flexible and cost-effective storage or consumption models, and prepare your solutions for virtualization or the cloud … all while fielding fewer support calls.

Improved efficiency:
your environment is simpler to manage, always available and recovers faster from outages. You deal with fewer vendors and your end users find managing their inboxes easier.

Stronger security and compliance:
your data is archived more effectively, your security can be better governed and your data is safer. 

Greater productivity:
your IT division finds the system easier to manage, while the rest of your staff communicate better and faster, from anywhere, using any device.

What we offer


Our Unified Communication and Collaboration Development Model is a practical tool that assesses your competence and capability in the area of unified c ommunications and collaboration against a set of operational and strategic criteria.  This model measures where you are currently and provide a roadmap to a future, desired state.

Our How Do You Meet Assessment analyses the way employees work together and communicate, so we can recommend the optimal messaging options for your organization.

Our Microsoft® Lync and Microsoft® Exchange Deployment Planning Services will help you build the business case for, and plan, your deployment. Our consultants share best practices, analyse your organizational requirements and provide customized planning assistance.

Our private or hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft provide a comprehensive, fully-managed platform based on ExchangeLync and SharePoint – with the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of cloud-based solutions.

Our messaging services also integrate with these related solution areas: 

  • Unified communication and collaboration: since messaging is just one aspect of your communication and collaboration solution, our services help you with a fully unified approach.
  • Enterprise mobility: we help you extend messaging to mobile devices with our fully integrated enterprise mobility framework to guide you in this process.



What our clients say


    Why work with Dimension Data?


    We have the skills, deployment experience and technology expertise to help you deploy or migrate your messaging system. This includes an in-depth understanding of systems management, directory integration and business processes. 
    With years of experience in designing, deploying, integrating and managing messaging environments for some of the world's largest organizations, we've developed best practices to ensure that your investment is in safe hands.
    Our partnership with Microsoft spans more than 10 years. We're Gold-certified in 10 competencies including Messaging and Communications. We employ Microsoft Masters for Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® Lync, and we were chosen as Microsoft's Messaging Partner of the Year in 2012.
    We're a Cisco Unified Communications Master in 10 countries, hold over 500 Cisco unified communications certifications globally and employ over 60 voice CCIEs.
    We've deployed over 2 million soft clients including Jabber, WebEx, and Microsoft® Lync and Office Communication Server – many with advanced voice and video integration.